Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing: A Perfect Match

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 26, 2019

From a young age, science-fiction movies and cartoons are what has kept most of us hooked up to the screens. We kept on marveling at the decision-making capabilities and the human-like perception the computers possessed. Over the years, scientists and engineers have fought to bring AI to reality, although it seemed impossible at first. Surprisingly, AI has already started to make its presence felt to humans in the most positive way. In the Digital Marketing world, people say – Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing, is what fries are to your burger. Since fries’ complement burger so perfectly, it’s an assumption that no one would want content marketing without the AI intervention.

By the end of 2019, we’ve seen all the reasons why Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing have coupled. Let’s dig in more in their relation to figure out what it has for us in today’s time and the future to come.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how is it related to Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is the Computer’s ability to think and learn, a lot like human beings, constituting problem-solving and communication, learning skills on the basis of rules that are fed to the computer. AI makes it all better by creating machines that have the credentials to interact with the surroundings all by themselves without any human interference. Now to ponder on the question of how ML is related to AI, we can say that it is the sublet of AI. AI being the umbrella term while ML is an application where you let the computer learn from the excessive data and make its own algorithms. Its okay if the interchangeability of this term is confusing you, to get a clearer picture of the difference between ML and AI, you can read through our latest article on Are Al and Machine Learning Identical twins?

How does AI have Marketer’s back?

AI fits the content marketing frame in more than one way. For the starters, it will help the poor marketer to make sense of the extensive data that has been dumped on him, the content creation process can be elated, benefiting from the personalized advertising.

Uncover Data Insights

Data is being created in quantities more than it has in recent years, thanks to the trending social media, Google, and the influx of people. Data is the treasure; no marketer wants to let go of since it gives insights into your potential client’s behaviors. This is huge data and humans do not have the capacity to fully analyze it, that’s where AI becomes the start in the dark night. You can scan your internal and external data such as social media, websites, and others. Unique trends and patterns can be analyzed as well as visualized by using key phrases.

Predictive Analytics can speed it up

As per the definition, predictive analysis is the second stage of business analytics in which past data is used with algorithms to predict future results. Basically, AI not only provides insights from the hidden information but will optimize your content marketing as well. It is called predictive analytics since it involves both data mining and modeling to make assumptions about the future.

Once you know what impression your brand has left on your clients, you are in a better position to present them the content that’s up to their taste. Hence, the predictive analytics allows marketers to fast-track the sales process- and AI is helping to reel up the predictive analysis.

Personalization is the Charmer

Personalization is the selling point for most of the digital marketers out there. Providing your customers with authentically personalized experience is not only difficult but also tricky, AI works wonders in this regard. It helps you create solutions that will allow your brand to have one-to-one engagement with individual clients. Your marketing can be tailored to your specific requirements with several emails and e-commerce landing pages.

Content Automation

With all the other marketing responsibilities, it’s understandable that you don’t have time for blog writing. The scope of content automation goes beyond just content creation. However, AI can help you with the creation and distribution and also saving money in the process.

To sum it up

True to its nature, content creation bots save you time and money. Contrary to this, they won’t be able to produce free-flowing content like humans. Considering that they heavily rely on the data and structure. You might still need to hire a human content writer if you’re looking for diverse and interesting writing styles. Adding pepperoni to your pizza might cost you a little more but it will definitely be worth the money. Similarly adding AI to your content marketing will be worth it.

Some changes in the current marketing strategies will help you accommodate AI to make the best of AI-driven marketing. An insight into your business goals will give you a fair idea of the role AI-based technologies play.

Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing will work in perfect synchronization, provided you know what you are doing. And if by any chance you don’t, there is nothing to be upset about. Bring one of the best Digital Marketing Agency into the picture to assist you with this.







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