Are Our Shopify Website Prices Worth Setting Up An Online Shopify Store?

kashif ali

  • Oct 20, 2021

Shopify is one of the most powerful platforms that most online businesses are running on in this ever-growing E-Commerce industry. As the world turns more towards connecting digitally, new ways of running businesses have emerged. Today, it is not necessary to have a brick-and-mortar store to run a business. By launching an online Shopify store, you can run a business and sell products or services – without having a physical presence. Sounds worth paying the Shopify Website Prices, right? Yes, IT IS.

Shopify Store

Over the past years, E-Commerce businesses have grown exponentially and we believe that this will continue beyond 2021. However, to thrive in this growing industry, the online web store needs to be aesthetically attractive and functional. Undoubtedly, building an online web store is complicated, but with Xcentric Services doing this for you, nothing is impossible.

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5 Benefits Of Launching An E-Commerce Store On Shopify

Combining functionality, security, quality, and efficiency, Shopify is a retailer-favourite platform in the E-Commerce world. Beyond just looking appealing, Shopify stores need to have much more in it; convincing the visitor to make a purchase and hit the CHECKOUT button. Still not sure if the price you will pay for a Shopify website will be worth it? Read the blog to find out the benefits of investing in the Shopify Development Services that we provide.

1.  Easy To Use

Are you not tech-savvy enough to manage an online web store? While we take care of developing and launching your Shopify store, the need for technical expertise will be eliminated. Besides, it’s not just about us, but the platform itself also has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for non-tech people too. Hence, let us create an eye-catchy Shopify store for your business and stop stressing over how you will handle it post-launch. Rest assured, whenever you get stuck while using the admin panel, Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services will be there to the rescue.

2.   Mobile Responsiveness

Majority of the internet users access websites using their mobile devices, which is why having a mobile-responsive web store is important for an online retailer. In case a web store is not mobile-friendly, the customer experience for those accessing it through their mobile phone will be bad. Thus, leading to the loss of a potential customer.

To stop this from happening, we develop web stores keeping in mind mobile responsiveness. Moreover, for ensuring that the customers always enjoy a great shopping experience, we keep updating the features and functionalities – making the Shopify Website Prices worth it.

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3.    High Security

Cybercrime is one of the major threats that online businesses face in this era. When the customers are buying from an online web store, they trust it with their data – personal and banking. If this data falls in the wrong hands, the customer can be at risk, making the online retailers liable. To save our clients from such crime cases, we leverage the security features in Shopify, have the measures in place, and secure their online web store.

4.     Shopify Applications

To succeed, online businesses need to build a loyal customer base and be accessible to them 24/7. Since every other person uses a mobile phone and is dependent on it for everything, for clients at Xcentric Services, we improve web store accessibility with mobile applications.

There are many applications available out there on the Shopify store. They enable online retailers to improve their customer services and manage the store on their mobile phones. With each application we add, a new and unique feature enhances the online shopping experience of customers on our client’s website. Thus, leading to more conversions – which is the ultimate goal.

5.      Payment System

Online retailers with self-hosted websites face the challenge of integrating reliable and secure payment gateways. However, in these digital times, it is important to have multiple payment options on an online web store. Otherwise, be ready to lose potential customers – just because you did not have the payment gateway they prefer using.

Payment gateways like Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay are available for integrations with Shopify web stores. Hence, by integrating these payment gateways with the online web stores of our clients, we ensure quick and hassle-free payment processing. Besides, paying the Shopify Website Prices does not only help secure a transaction but also boosts the business’s credibility, leading to an increase in returning customers.

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Launch An E-Commerce Store On Shopify NOW!

There are millions and billions of websites and E-Commerce web stores out there on the internet. Therefore, people are now selective. If a web store loads slowly and is not mobile-friendly, they quickly move to the next one. However, with Xcentric Services launching your web store at an affordable Shopify Website Cost, you can stand out in the competition. Being a Shopify Development Company, we launch user-friendly and easily manageable online web stores for clients – allowing them to sell online successfully. To get your development project quote, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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