Are both on-page and off-page SEO equally important for your website ranking?

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 10, 2019

You must have heard everyone talking about On-Page and Off-Page SEO at one point in time. With online marketing at its peak, Search Engine Optimization has become an essential tool for digital marketing consultants around the world.

A lot of people would say that On-Page SEO is more important than Off-Page SEO and vice versa. You will also come across people who claim that both are equally important, creating confusion. One doesn’t work without the other if you want to rank your website higher. Let’s look into what SEO is in the first place, and then categorically analyze how both, On-Page and Off-Page SEO works to give your website a better ranking. Maybe then we can be in a better position to decide.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is referred to as the process of optimizing your websites as well as your digital content to give a boost to your website ranking, consequently, generating more traffic to your webpage.

For instance, if your company is providing software and servers, naturally, you would want your website to be the first thing your potential customers see, every time they type “SQ servers” on Google. To achieve that ranking, SEO is the way to go about it.

It is interesting to note, how casually we talk about exclusively in reference to Google unless, of course, you are in China, and then you will use Baidu. Wondering why? Well, because with a market share of 80%, Google is titled the most popular search engine.

Web crawlers or crawler bots are used to create an index of content on the internet. As a result, whenever someone searches for a keyword, the Search Engine will come up with the most relevant and useful results.

SEO is further categorized into On-Page and Off-Page. They have different features, aiming at different aspects with the same intention, that is, to get the top ranking for your website.

How does On-Page SEO work?

When you try to get your website optimized or rank your content higher in the search engine using targeted keywords and phrases, you are doing On-Page. Everything you do is ON the website. There are ways in which you can do On-Page SEO and get optimum results.

Firstly, you might want to make sure that your website speed is optimized. Customers resent websites that take ages to load. So to make sure people visit your website and at least stay for some time, your site speed has to be optimized.

Secondly, mobile-friendly web design is always a plus point considering the world is so fast-tracked. People don’t have time to open up their laptops just to visit your website.

Thirdly, a structured website with proper keywords and title tags, not only gives a good impression to the customer but is also appreciated by Google.

Furthermore, you can add internal links to different pages on your website to increase the visitors’ time. They might end up liking something, hence, the conversion. If you do the On-page SEO right, the chances of you landing on higher website rankings are increased substantially.

How does Off-Page SEO work?

Off-Page plays its magic OUTSIDE of your website. This means it includes external signals such as your brand mentions and social media encounters. For one thing, it is safe to say that major Off-Page is done through the generation of backlinks.

It’s understandable that you want to understand why everyone is obsessing over creating backlinks. Let’s say that the fuss is not for nothing. While creating the backlinks, you are linking another website to your website. Consequently, making Google assumes that you possess some valuable and relevant content.

Here is a catch! Creating backlinks is not hard but building the right one is the way to go about it. For instance, creating one link with ‘Google’ is far better than creating 100 links from unknown websites.

Another cool way of doing Off-Page is that you start giving out the content for other websites, commonly known as guest posting. Earlier in the day, SEOs would buy links; however, you can’t enjoy this option anymore. Google is out rightly penalizing businesses for such practices. This is now considered a page rank manipulation which is a big No-No.

Is On-Page SEO more important than Off-Page SEO?

So the question that whether On-Page SEO is more important than Off-Page is like asking whether the pizza crust is more important than the pizza topping. Needless to say that both are needed to bring you the perfect taste. Similarly, both On-Page and Off-Page SEO are important to give a boost to your website ranking. As a Digital marketing agency in Chicago, we can tell you that it’s good to straighten up your On-Page first, and then focus on your Off-Page SEO, but don’t let go of one for the other.

It is okay if you are confused, you can’t decide which way to go.  We’ve got you. Talk to us and we can help you strategize your SEO, to get you maximum ranking.







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