Applying Thermal Intelligence As People Counting Camera

John Smith

  • Apr 30, 2019


People counting cameras are the face of innovation for retail businesses, in fact, they help all the industries and businesses having high footfall count.

There is an understanding set that people counters are only useful for retail businesses, but there is nothing like it. There are different technologies working in people counters nowadays such as Wi-Fi people counter, 2D people counter, 3D people counter and thermal people counter.

The main purpose of these people counters is to track the customer journey and create a proper report for the owner so that he can take some positive steps to increase the engagement of customers and visitors for his products or store and boost up sales.

Right now we will discuss the thermal people counting solution. How it works and what technology is running in the device.

Implementation of Thermal People Counter

Putting explanations in a short way, thermal people counters track the customer journey and count people by the heat. The heat sensors available in the devices help counters to detect humans at a particular heat level.

For better understanding, thermal kinetics is like a complicated and compound technology it is a little bit complex as regarding other technologies in the people counters. This thermal technology was initially launched for military operatives. Now thermal kinetics has come a long way in its abilities and several decades went but individuals and companies trust this technology.

All the big manufacturers of people counting solutions have taken the complexities of thermal kinetics and implemented the technology in people counting device just to ease the businesses with high footfall traffic. Does the technology now share answer such as how many people entered the business venue? How many are still in the store? Which places in the store were visited by customers?

The working of thermal people counts starts from the entrance, its first step is counting people coming through a door. As potential customers or visitors enter a mall or train/bus station, thermal people counters catch their body heat, which separates people from any background images like a doorframe. Rather than thermal counters manages with the challenges of unstable light as well and that may interfere with a video-based counter, thermal technology easily and accurately senses and counts people.

Thermal people counters paint a different kind of view of a storefront and that is why customers are seen as bright, heat images and the background as darker, cool areas. This difference allows for the image to remain free from background mess, and for potential customers so that they can stick out easily without uncertainty.

Talking about other traditional video counters such as 2D people and 3D people counting, the people counter who record the video imaging cause more grief as they capture cluttered backgrounds. By reducing clutter, thermal people counter also expressively reduces processing complexities, requiring less power to obtain data. Measurements are made more efficiently and with greater dependability.

This is the application of thermal people counter in different industries regarding footfall traffic and customer behavior tracking. If you have any other questions about any of people counting solutions either it is heat map or 3d people counter feel free to ask for guidance from the team of professionals at Xcentric Services website. Our team of professionals give you the best possible solution for your business, it is not about people counting solutions but you can get help about other tools as well such as customer relationship management CRM and enterprise resource planning ERP.

If you are particularly looking for people counting solutions Xcentric Store has a variety of people counters, you can visit and get people counting camera for your business venue as well.







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