The new Android 10 version makes life easier for Digital Marketers

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 28, 2019

The entire world is going crazy after Google’s announcement of naming the 10th version of android as an Android 10 version rather than Android Q. Surprisingly, it has piqued the interest of Digital Marketers too, prying all the latest trends, Digital Marketing Services, and transitions faced at the technological level. So that they can remain at the top of their game. This shift in the name is not only intriguing but this new version has a lot more to offer.

Google’s decade-old tradition of naming Android versions after ‘sweet treats’, changed with their latest announcement. That the Android 10 version – Android Q will now be called the Android 10 version. According to a Google report, it’s hard for a layman to remember the operating system names. And this change is basically to accommodate these people at large.

If you are a digital marketing company, dealing with SEO Services in Lahore or strategizing Social Media Management at any level. These are the android/iOS apps that are a must in your arsenal and the Android 10 version just makes it a better experience.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot’s free Android/iOS app is a big hit these days, giving access to the tools and analytics it has to offer, on the go. While the app is free, the services of HubSpot still cost more than $200 a month.

Hub spot is a big name in Digital Marketing Services in the Chicago world for its inbound marketing management and analytics services. Earlier in 2018, it was reported that the HubSpot app worked better with iOS. But this new version will help you get better accessibility if you are an Android 10 version user.

To ensure the compatibility of the app, the platform started restricting non-SDK interfaces. Your app can use in Android’s previous version and this time the list is revised and made better.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a free app for cloud-based Social Media Marketing monitoring and posting services. This app needs either a paid or a free account to use its tools. The app offers 2 plans; a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan, so you get to decide based on your needs.

This app makes the digital marketer’s life easy by helping in creating social media posts that update side by side with different accounts. It will keep an eye on your mentions and direct messages and will also help with scheduling posts that will go live in the near future. Isn’t that a cool thing? Now imagine doing this bug-free and at a more efficient pace. We’re hooked on it, it’s your turn now!

3. Buffer

Buffer is like Hootsuite, but it also holds its individuality by allowing you to schedule posts on all of your social media accounts including Facebook Marketing Chicago, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It has also launched a web-based tool known as Pablo, which helps to make visual social media posts, using photos of your choosing.

4. Perch

Perch is yet another free Android 10 version and iOS app that provides an overall view of your company’s mentions. Plus, your competitor’s mentions online. You can feed Perch to follow a certain number of companies on social media like Facebook Marketing Pakistan, Instagram Marketing, and Yelp.

It will create a whole news feed about the updates and mentions of those companies. And further, it will help you evaluate your next move. And perhaps, Perch is everyone’s cup of tea, to set up and use for local businesses who plan on keeping a track of their competitors and their activities.

5. Google AdWords

Back in 2015, Google launched its free Android 10 version app for AdWords. It facilitates you to keep a closer eye on your campaign stats. It gets you real-time alerts along with an update on bids and budgets and much more. So if you are running a PPC campaign on Google, the AdWords app is your best friend in this busy-busy world.

In the past, most of these apps worked better with the iOS systems. And a number of people made a switch from the Android 10 version to have better access to these apps. But not anymore! Android 10 version is back to making a name for itself with its all-new features.

The location control feature of the Android 10 version will help access users their locations not all the time. But precisely, when someone is using that app. As a result, Facebook, for instance, will be able to identify the perfect timing to target a specific audience.

For instance, you are a clothing company dealing with children’s clothes and your target market is the mothers who usually use Facebook from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. This gives you the exact time when you want to make a move. Hence, enabling you to show your ads to the right audience. Now imagine how cool it is that you’re running your errands for the day and aren’t forced to sit back to fix your marketing strategy. Sounds great!


Even though there’s no shortage of tools for digital marketers, social media consultants, and SEO Services in Chicago gurus in these tech-times, most of them are accessible only through web browsers and as a desktop application. However, the ones we’ve mentioned in this article stand out from the crowd. They’re available as mobile phone applications and are worth the download.

And perhaps, being a Digital Marketing Agency, we suggest you give each one of them a trial and see which one works wonder for your business. Considering that the digital world is a gamble, you never know which application might surprise you. Though if you need some professional help from a Social Media Marketing Agency, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today!







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