Advantages Of People Counters For Hospitality Businesses

John Smith

  • Apr 12, 2019

Talking about people counter devices and software with people they think it is something dedicated to retail but it also serves the hospitality business.

With the range of digital tools for businessmen, it is becoming easier to find out more about your customers than before. For companies whose success relies on the number of footfall traffic that comes through their doors, people counters are among the most valuable tools presently but sometimes these are limited in their presentation. In this piece of writing, we will look at what sets people counter software separately from the competition, particularly for hospitality businesses.

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Modern people counting tools, like people counting software, use the anonymous Wi-Fi signals from your customers’ smartphones to deliver real-time insights into the way they are engaging with your venues and facilities.

Furthermore, because you are able to track the individual signatures from your users’ devices, you can determine exactly how each customer moves from one part of your venue to another. For example, you will be able to track how many customers are dining in your restaurants or gambling on your casino floor in real-time, down to an individual level. This will give you insight into the times at which your facilities are busiest, and allow you to manage the optimal amount of staff at all times because your data is stored in a centralized location via the cloud, your head office will quickly and accurately be able to identify which venues need additional attention.

Also, people counting sensors will provide sufficient data for you to anticipate the arrival of guests in advance so that you can turn on lights and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. After the guests are gone switch them off. This will help improve energy costs without impacting the experience of your customers, and ensure your running costs are streamlined as much as possible.

Real-time people counter metrics give you insight into Customer Lifetime Value

Wi-Fi-based people counter to use the unique signatures from your customers’ smartphones to deliver insights on an individual level, without compromising on their personal security. This means that you are able to track how often individual visits your venues and facilities, measure the time between their visits and determine how much value they represent to your business. This will provide far more insight into the performance of your venue as you will be able to measure the number of customers contributing to your daily sales.

With this information, you will be able to better your venue’s structure operations and track specials and offer to impact on the behavior of your guests.

Dwell time and bounce rate data help you optimize customer experience

Gradually all kinds of companies are finding themselves in the business of providing customer experience rather than simply providing a product or a service. Hospitality businesses are no stranger to this, as the customer’s overall experience is central to their success. With the data that people counting software provides, hospitality business owners have more information at their disposal to measure churn rates and loyalty data to optimize customer experience. With this in hand, it is possible to identify common reasons for sale loss and get to investigate what is behind this. You can then take steps to remedy the situation and monitor the data to see if it has an impact on churn rates. Similarly, measuring the average time that customers spend at certain places in your venue will help you identify the most and least popular aspects and give you the insight necessary to improve dwell times where they are lacking.

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