Ads in mobile games-everything you need to know

John Smith

  • Nov 01, 2023

Everything that has a formidable viewership is bound to attract advertisers and eventually have paid advertisements turning into one of its major revenue streams. It is therefore only worth noticing how big in-game advertisements have become since the past few years. Google claims to have paid game applications around $5 million the previous year, which explains the dense clutter of advertisements we see in our free play games. Owing to this it is important to understand the basics, the advantages and the criticism of this rapidly growing advertisement channel.

Types of advertisements:

Dynamic Advertisements Ads in mobile games

Dynamic advertisements include all the posters, banners and billboards used within the game that do not disrupt the gameplay. These ads help attain huge revenues. These advertisements can be edited and changed in real time and also most likely to be viewed by the users. This makes them really popular among major brands.

Static Advertisements Ads in mobile games

Static advertisements are built within the game. They are contextually placed and mimic real life advertisements. They are less flexible as compared to dynamic advertisements and are usually changed through updates.

Advertisements as rewards Ads in mobile games


These advertisements help are shown to users with a reward as an incentive to watch. The rewards may include a game bonus or a new unlock or anything that creates delight within the game world. Furthermore, this type of In-game Ad is really effective because it is one of the few that genuinely creates desirability among users.

Freemium Model Advertisement Ads in mobile games

This includes adding a clutter of advertisements to a free version of a good game which is usually popular. This is a very effective strategy when it comes to gaining conversions and even effective viewership, because people will be willing to try a free version of a game to check it out and during the game will see advertisements and owing to good gameplay will change to the premium version to rid themselves of the ads and enjoy an ad-free version.

Adver-gamming Ads in mobile games

These are games created to promote a product or a brand itself. Their sole purpose is to promote a certain company, therefore, the entire game revolves around the promotion itself.

Having described and analyzed the types of Ads in mobile games it is essential to also understand the common mistakes made by ad creators. These mistakes include at first using gratuitous advertisements to elicit desirability among viewers to attain conversions. This is downright wrong and a blemish to the act of advertising since such advertisements hardly ever tells what the game is about. Secondly the inclusion of cringe-worthy material in gaming advertisements. It is very important to manage subtle, appealing and authentic content while developing advertisements. If this is not done the entire campaign loses it weight. Lastly adding over-the-top violence or creating an advertisement for your game that is nothing like your game is again another mistake.

Keep in mind these very important tips and avenues of Ads in mobile games since this is bound to be one of the major advertising platforms in the coming time. Using immoral tricks to market your game provides no conversions and is actually proves a detriment to your success. So avoid that and develop content that can really bring in the big bucks.







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