Must Try Product Launch Ideas in 2022

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 13, 2019


With the evolving Digital Marketing Services, you can see more and more ways of coming up with a BANG with your product launch. Your audience’s anticipation is what you are playing with. Ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back? That’s the kind of reaction your launch ideally should have on your target audience. That’s what all Digital Marketers are thriving to do.

Apple’s launch became the inspiration of many when it managed to sell over 300,000 iPads on that very day. In the marketing arena, you have to be that warrior who comes, sees, and conquers. Let’s see what 2019 has to offer you when it comes to product launch ideas 2019.

The audience is the Focus

Knowing your product is a good thing but obsessing over it while marketing is a bad idea. Yes, people should know what your product launch is all about, but in a way that talks more about how the product benefits them. For instance, if you’re launching a new lipstick, rather than flaunting about how it’s going to stay longer, you can put it like the longer-staying lipstick is one less thing to worry about on your long, tiring days. It’s all in how you use the words and make the best of them.

Build on their Curiosity with a teaser

This is the one place where you get to be the attention seeker, all you want. The whole point of this launch is to attract as many customers as possible. It’s smart that you want to achieve more than you spend on Social Media Management. We all do. To get there, you need to make the most of your Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Marketing, and YouTube Marketing to entice your customers.

Rather than going all over the internet with heavy budgets, you can start by releasing teasers on these platforms, targeting the right audience for your products is the way to go about it. You might want to start giving out teasers about 20-30 days before the big day to get the best impact. Constant updates work as a charmer. You can schedule posts to ensure that your post goes all viral, maximizing engagement.

Create Suspense

We’ve all been drawn to suspense movies at one point in time and one of the reasons is the rush we get from the anticipation. The satisfaction we get from being proven right. So rather than saying it, let them guess, drawing out the mystery through Facebook Marketing Services or any other marketing pathway is the launch idea that will create a longer buzz. When you are not giving out all the information on purpose, you are making your audience more intrigued.

Let them pre-order if you can

A lot of people these days want to be the first person to try a new thing in the market to prove their uniqueness. As a brand, you can make the best of this trend. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, and you offer pre-ordering of your latest collection, you are feeding on their need to be the unique one out. Therefore, if you have decided on the pricing, and are prepared, pre-ordering can work wonders.

Launch Parties aren’t only for Hollywood

A lot of movies are the reason why most of us know about cool launch parties. With the growing need for socializing, celebrating your product is a good idea to engage with people. Making your product launch a big deal is an intelligent move to get both media’s and your audience’s attention. This idea positively affects how the product launch will sell in the near future.

Hosting Social Media contests

Your social media following has a lot to do with your product launch’s success. By hosting contests on your social media, you are enforcing people’s engagement. And rather than running a pilot study on your product launch performance, you can give your product samples as a gift and later ask for their feedback to see how it can be made better.

Making brand ambassadors

Remember we were the most energetic in our youth, today’s youth is energetic and techno-friendly. How cool would it feel to have people searching about you rather than reaching you through keywords and social media links? Word of mouth works wonders. A lot of big companies like Nestle appoint different university students as their brand ambassadors to promote their company, it’s free marketing for them while the student’s ego is being brushed because of his affiliation with a company.

Your product launch is a crucial stage of your business since that’s the first time anyone gets to see and know about what you have been working over for months if not years. It’s completely normal to want nothing but the best when you set out for a product launch. If you feel like there are a lot of ideas that appeal to you but none you can put your finger on, this is your time to approach Xcentric Services – One of the most experienced Digital Marketing Agencies in Chicago that will help you with entering the market and leaving a mark.







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