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  • Oct 29, 2021


In a nutshell, as an E-Commerce platform,Shopify allows creating and running a business online. Basically, a platform where you can operate online without the hassle of continuous maintenance and web server upgrade.Shopify is for online retailers what WordPress is for bloggers. Shopify E-Commerce Development Company like Xcentric. You must have some Whys and Hows in your mind right now. Let us answer them by discussing the benefits of hiring us and launching an online web store on Shopify.

Why Choose Shopify To Launch An Online Web Store?

Whether they sell one product or multiple, businesses are choosing Shopify to launch their online web store. And without any doubt, there are many good reasons behind the platform getting popular these days. It offers powerful marketing features, engaging themes, and other tools that make the foundation for a converting online web store.

Being a Shopify Development Company, we at Xcentric Services can plug and play on the platform to launch your online web store. However, before you get on board with us, let us take you through the benefits of choosing Shopify for driving online sales.

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1.   Hassle-Free Management

One thing that overwhelms online retailers when it comes to online web stores is managing their back-end. However, the Admin Panel of Shopify is easy to use and allows allotting staff account for managing payments, shipping, orders, and the inventory on one dashboard.

Moreover, when developing Shopify web stores for clients, we integrate them with their Point-of-Sale system. Thus, enabling them to manage the omnichannel sales and in-person sales without any hassle.

2.   Scalability

With time, every business grows, and the requirements keep changing. Unlike other E-Commerce platforms, Shopify grows with the business and helps online retailers sell better. It will only take you a discussion with Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services.

Without having to worry about hosting costs, bandwidth limits, and security, you can leave the job on them. Considering that Shopify is highly scalable, they will upgrade it according to your requirements – all while ensuring that it operates seamlessly without any downtime.

3.   Franchise-Friendly

No matter how well a business operates locally, there is always a dream to have an international franchise of it. Unfortunately, not many E-Commerce platforms make it possible for businesses to sell online internationally. However, luckily, Shopify does enable selling internationally. The platform provides online retailers enterprise-level support that is optimized for growth.

Therefore, by leveraging on this feature, being a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we accommodate international locations for our clients. Thus, increasing their customer base and, most importantly – SALES. Though this does require integrations like additional payment gateways and shipping options, the results are worth it.

4.   Application Integrations

Effective communication with the customers is important, and that requires a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system. Many platforms do not allow integrating such systems which makes it difficult for businesses to convert web store visitors into customers.

The good news here is that Shopify allows integration with CRM systems like Hoot Suite and Salesforce to help online retailers get some real paying customers. And so, whichever CRM system our client prefers using, our developers integrate it with the Shopify web store.

5.   Payment Gateways

When shopping online, customers prefer paying through payment gateways of their own choice. To an extent, some of them even abandon their carts if the payment option they prefer is not offered by the online web store. However, with over 100 payment gateway options, Shopify ends this problem.

To help our clients provide flexibility and the BEST online shopping experience to their customers, we integrate all the required payment gateways with the Shopify web store. Be it Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Stripe – you name it, and our team will integrate it.

Shopify Development Company, we at Xcentric Services

6.    Sell Anywhere

What if we say that you can sell on multiple channels like Amazon, Daraz, Facebook, Instagram, and more – through one platform? Yes, YOU CAN. Shopify allows online retailers to sell on any and every platform. Hence, to provide our clients an additional source of conversions and maximize their sales, we integrate the web store with different channels.

7.    Marketing Tools

Not every E-Commerce platform offers marketing tools to target audiences and automates the creation of marketing campaigns, but Shopify does. With its powerful marketing tools, it allows online retailers to reach more customers and target better marketing campaigns. Some of the marketing tools that we commonly integrate on Shopify web stores of our clients allow creating discount codes, e-coupons, and paid Ads.

8.    SEO Friendliness

Without the need for any extra tools, Shopify provides online retailers with all the needed SEO features. On-page optimization, off-page optimization, and every other ranking factors required normally to optimize a web store are available. Using them, post the launch of client web stores on Shopify, we optimize them for the search engines. Thus, ensuring that the web store is not only launched but also brought in front of the target audience.

9.    Web Store Insights

Measuring the success of an online web store and the marketing campaigns being run on it is important. The advanced E-Commerce analytics in Shopify give that insight – no matter what type of campaign it is; paid or organic.

Being a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we evaluate the performance of client web stores in real-time looking at those insights. After evaluation, we create a detailed report on the activity and sales – which is then provided to the clients and used for improving future approaches.

10.   Community Support

Even though the Shopify developers at Xcentric Services are there to help the clients around the clock, in case they need help urgently, Shopify Community can come to the rescue. Being used by online retailers globally, Shopify has a huge community of professionals that provide unmatched support 24/7.

Shopify experts at xcentric

Launch Your Shopify Web Store NOW!

Some of the recent web stores developed on Shopify are taking over E-Commerce giants like Daraz and Amazon. The platform has even launched its marketplace – Shopify Apps. Even though there is a long way to go before it knocks down Amazon, it is on the right track to provide a great online shopping experience.

Therefore, trust Xcentric Services and invest in our Shopify Development Services to sell online successfully and become a BIG name. We follow a proven development process that works, and our developers have the expertise to deliver web stores that sell. Contact us TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com to get your project quote.







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