Google Marketing Agency In Lahore:5 Surefire Ways To Use Google Trends

kashif ali

  • Aug 22, 2022

As an agency, we count it as our job to capitalize on everything popular here and now in the digital world. But the question is – how do we interpret the data? One way we swear by this is figuring out things through Google Trends. It is a tool that helps in identifying existing and current search marketing trends. However, you cannot simply take everything you learn from the trends and apply it to your marketing strategies.

And, that is where Xcentric comes to the rescue as a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore. Though we understand, that jumping on the bandwagon without completely understanding how our team will take you to the next level on the search engines.

Got no more time to spend Learning about Google Marketing and are ready to hire a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore to handle this job? Count on Xcentric. For more details, contact us at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

But First – What Are Google Trends?

When it comes to identifying trending topics across different industries, the incredible tool that helps is Google Trends. Even though it was brought to life for the journalists initially, the marketing and journalism worlds have a lot in common now – which is a plus. Marketers and journalists are always competing for attention – and so are we being a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Whatever they try to do is all for getting the attention of people using relevant and interesting information. Google Trends is what they keep an eye on to make this happen. Hence, when providing Google Marketing Services, we do the same as the best Google Marketing Agency in Lahore.

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5 Ways We Use Google Marketing Trends

By now, you must have understood our motivation behind using Google Trends for search marketing and including it in all our Google Marketing Services Packages. However, if you are not involved in the process of content creation, you will surely have a hard time joining the puzzle pieces of how we leverage the trends.

Often, we as a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore focus more on producing evergreen content, but along with that, we even work hard on maximizing the efforts by finding the right place and time to put out content for clients. Here is how we normally use Google Trends being a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore and make a difference in digital marketing campaigns.

1. Blog Posting Ideas

It is always a great idea to follow Google Trends for finding exciting and new topics to write on. If you are someone who writes, you might know how challenging it is to produce content that the readers would love reading. Moreover, as a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore, we help plans rank well on the search engines.

In simpler words, following Top Google Searches Today is one surefire way to find good topics, as they exactly tell what the trends are about. Best of all, these trends provide specific queries and topics around search phrases that are trending. The optimization experts and writers at Xcentric the topics for writing blogs based on these trends, as they as time-sensitive but quite effective traffic drivers.

Google Marketing Services Packages

2. Social Media Campaign Ideas

Google Trends are not only valuable for search engine marketing. As a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore, we assure that trends are valuable. Because you can also use them for social media marketing as well. Constantly coming up with content ideas that help build a wide social following is a difficult task and Google Trends are our go-to option in such situations. We use the related queries section for identifying the trending topics and then build attractive yet engaging copies around them.

For example, you see Trending Searches related to a football tournament. If you run a sports academy, or perhaps want to create a marketing campaign on the topic, you can use that tournament for drawing attention to your brand. Another interesting search can be “winter boots” or “winter outdoor activities”. These are some seasonal examples of how we as a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore hit on engagement and SEO ranking when marketing our clients on Google.

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3. Improves SEO Score

An obvious area where we being a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore use Google Trends is organic SEO search and keyword research. Unfortunately, not many agencies use them, so we take that win and identify the relevant keywords for the client – to make sure that they are valuable. Best of all? We also look at the year’s worth of data to plan for the future and know whether the topics and keywords are good enough to put effort and time in.

If we take the same keywords mentioned previously and spread them across the next 5 years, it will become apparent if they will continue to stay on trend or not. Every year, the volume falls and rises in different months, so by following Google Trends, we fuel the digital marketing strategy of our clients; to prepare them for the months ahead.

4. Finding Long-Tail Keywords For Paid Campaigns

Another thing that is crucial to a business’s success other than following Keyword Trends is finding the keywords that are RIGHT and LONG, that’s what we do as a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore. It is not only important from the point of view of trends but also from the financial standpoint, because the more quickly you pick the right long-tail keywords, the sooner you will be able to capitalize on paid Ads.

Keyword Trends

Even more, if you narrow the search of long-tail keywords to 90 days, just like we do being a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore, it will tell you more about whatever is trending in real time. And, in case you are not working on anything that you should, the trends will also tell you that NOW is the time for it.

As a business, you can create organic or paid campaigns around those trends and the products or services you offer. This will appeal to the target audience and because the keyword or term would be in trends, there will be lots of paid search volume too.

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5. Finding Trending Topics For Webinars

Sticking to the previous example, you might be launching a new e-book on which activities they can do in winter and you are leveraging a webinar for drawing the attention of people – for getting them to buy it. We can help you get into trends being a Google Marketing Agency in Lahore.

By keeping an eye on Google Search Trends, find out the topics trending currently on social media and use them to gather the attention of people. In fact, the trends lay it all on the line for businesses to speak their language. Hence, there will be no need to take chances of guesses between Google Trends and proper keyword research – you can jump into the trends without any second thoughts, with the help of the experts at our Google Marketing Agency in Lahore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Trends

Even after knowing about everything the trends have in stores, businesses frequently as two major questions when they hire us at their Google Marketing Agency in Lahore. To make things easier, we have answered them right here.

· Are Google Trends Free To Use?

Yes, it is an absolutely FREE tool released by Google to give a quick look at whatever is trending – in the news and searches over time. These searches are mostly based on the geographic location and the season.

Google Marketing Agency in Pakistan

· Can Google Trends Be Used For SEO?

Google Trends are an incredible tool that supports SEO through content planning. Enter the keyword that you are curious about targeting and get an insight into the audience that is already talking about the topic and other topics related closely. It will allow you to create a highly personalized SEO strategy, and that is how we plan strategies  being a Google Marketing Agency In Lahore.

Want a professional team of Google Marketing Experts to help you keep pace with the trends? Get on board with Xcentric – a Google Marketing Agency In Lahore. For more details, ring us at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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