9 Reasons Why Magento is the Best E-Commerce Platform

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 24, 2020

Have you ever noticed what top-notch brands Nike, Harvey Nichols, Christan Louboutin, and Ford have in common? If you haven’t, let us break the news to you – They’ve all opted for Magento E-Commerce Development when it came to building an E-Store for their brand. And we’re all familiar with their success.

We assume that you’re one of those businesses who’ve always been planning to go online by launching an E-Store. But, you never took the next step forward. However, considering the current times of COVID-19, the only businesses surviving are the ones who have an online presence. Precisely, an E-Commerce Web Store.

You are all set to launch your convert your brick-and-mortar store into a much more digitized E-Commerce Web Store. But you want to know more about how Magento is the best choice? Even though we agree with the fact that in this tech-driven era, choosing between this or that E-Commerce Website Development Platform is hard, Magento is still exceptional when it comes to agile development, growth, and features.

Being a Web Development Company, we are spoilt for choice just as other website developers, but still, Magento is an overwhelming FAVOURITE. Yes, we know, you might be thinking that we’re over exaggerating, which is why we’ve covered all the reasons why you should choose Magento if you aim at building a successful Web Store. So let’s get through them and plan on running on Magento. Just like a quarter  of E-Commerce Web Stores around the world.

1. Open-Source

The first and foremost reason for Magento having millions of admirers worldwide is it being open-source. So what does it actually deliver?

Being open-source means that it is customizable and can undergo any modifications, to meet the clients’ ideas and requirements. Also, if you’re a starting business, the Magento Community Edition might benefit. It is FREE, open-source, and boasts probably the most widespread and dynamic developer community for Best CRM for E-Commerce platforms on the internet. 

Plus, you can tweak the source code any way you want to suit the type of website you are building and install extensions that are accessible through the Magento Connect Marketplace, which happens to be the world’s biggest marketplace of E-Commerce Apps.

Moreover, the platform is upgraded routinely by the developer community managing it; Security defects are detected and plugged, making it notably safe from an E-Commerce perspective.

2. Tailor-made for E-Commerce

Magento began life as a platform designed for E-Commerce, unlike platforms like WordPress, Volusion, and Joomla, which primarily provide Content Management Services, and offers E-Commerce plugins. 

 Speaking of Magento, it makes building an E-Commerce Web Store a slight breeze with its core features like; 

  • User Dashboards
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Inventory Control
  • Advanced Delivery and Supply Chain Management
  • Enables Product Bundling
  • Built-in Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Functionality
  • CMS Alternative
  • Newsletter

Content Management Services

3. Flexibility

As specified at the very beginning, Magento is open-source, which practically empowers retailers to feel independent in executing any modifications they desire. Magento enables bringing all the ideas to life and satisfy all the customizing requirements; Either back-end or front-end. Hence, there’s a surety that Magento is flexible enough to modify your website if there is such a requirement.

For instance, Magento gives businesses the freedom to choose the hosting services they want. Unlike other platforms that aren’t flexible enough, Magento helps you direct your cost down and even lets you change the hosting services when you run into problems with the current one.

4. You Grow Bigger

One of the reasons why other E-Commerce platforms face criticism is the incremental costs they start charging with every little feature added to the Web Store when a business starts growing big. With Magento being open source, this concern is a non-issue creator because it enables you to combine as many features as you want to your website without paying extra dollars. 

The product count, product lines, and SKUs to be uploaded on the Web Store are another problem. As a business grows and the Web Store becomes more prolific, E-Commerce platforms charge higher fees; That’s another situation where Magento demands nothing. So if you’re looking forward to growing big without paying additional dollars, we being Magento Implementation Partners suggest – Grow with Magento.

Magento Implementation Partners

5. Easy Third-party Integrations

It is well-known and natural that despite being equipped with Magento’s limitless features, a business cannot exclusively depend on it. Your business will always need ready-to-integrate plugins, extensions, modules, and applications that add innovative features to your Web Store.

Unlike other E-Commerce platforms that limit third-party integrations and allow them often with a substantial price tag attaches, Magento serves the opposite.

The extensive Magento API enables businesses to connect to any app or plugin very smoothly; Be it a payment gateway, Web Analytics, or a Shipment Tracker. Begin with finding the right extension of your choice, be it for Dynamics 365 Magento Integration or any other E-Commerce Platform Integration, and Magento will plug it in your Web Store in no time.

6. Magento and SEO are FRIENDS

Many of Web Development Company in Lahore believe that SEO Services in Lahore is the passkey to reach higher on Google SERPs. We couldn’t agree more to this because we all know how important is it to build an SEO-friendly website in this era where your rank on Google immensely impacts consumers discovering your Web Store. 

So if you’re looking forward to Magento, and are worried about how Magento SEO Services in Pakistan works, meltdown your fear because it enables you to use the best practices such as Meta Tags, Advanced Link building, XML sitemaps, etc. Here’s an illustrative picture of what Magento SEO Services covers in detail and to what percent;

SEO Services in Pakistan

7. User-centric and Device Optimized

Currently, we are living in a world that runs on mobile phones on the go, and every other day there is a new, much smarter mobile phone launched, with all-new features. Correspondingly, the consumers of today are utilizing them more regularly to discover products, services, and information. Hence, one of the foremost motives for audience interest in your Web Store, strongly connected with your Google ranking, is the mobile-friendliness.

Simply put, no matter how high your Web Store ranks on Google, if your website is not mobile-friendly and user-centric, your visitors will leave. Magento guarantees a 100% device-friendly and user-centric website that is responsive to the website visitor’s device and drives them readily through your Web Store.

8. Multi-Store functionality

Practically, every other Dynamics E-Commerce platformopen-source or opposite, lets you own only one Web Store on one system. With Magento, you can manage several websites on a single back-end. 

The best part? Every Website can have precisely distinct layouts and designs in their E-Stores, along with a different domain for each Website. With this capability of simultaneously running multiple stores in a global scope with a unified Admin Panel, your Dynamics 365 E-Commerce store is sure to the benefit in several niches. 

9. Modular and Customized

E-commerce businesses evolve in various shapes and sizes. Something that works for a cloth retailer may not work for a hardware seller. Likewise, the scope and scale of transactions and customer service requirements pose distinct challenges in the E-Commerce arena. 

Being an open-source platform, Magento is inherently customizable and modular. However, with the right coding brains and Web Design Services, Magento becomes a magic spell in your hands. 

Its remarkably modular technology empowers you to generate a rich front-end customer experience by transforming or plugging in designs and templates of your preference. Moreover, you can also redesign the back-end workflows. To accommodate your business and make rock-solid modifications by coding, altering events, and frameworks.

E-Commerce - Web Design Services


Businesses that are new to E-Commerce have a mind-boggling array of platforms in front of them; when it comes to growing digitally. However, the catch here is to decide on the one that suits your business’s needs; right now, and in the long-run. There might be businesses out there who might say Magento Commerce is not very special. However, the truth is, you can only tell how a platform works after you’ve tapped into it. So if you’re looking forward to some Magento E-Commerce Development Services to boost your business growth, or you want to hear a thousand more reasons as to why Magento is the one, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services.







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