7 Reasons why you should consider Revamping your Web Store

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 25, 2020

Unquestionably, the E-Commerce Website Development process of Web Store is multifaceted. And we know, once your website is up and running, you want it to work wonders; to help you achieve the business success that you desired forever. Well, there is no reason why you should not expect so. But what you need to know is that over time, every website needs an afterthought because practically, a Magento Website Design process is never complete.

Technically, or say realistically, no website can take away the title of being PERFECT. There is always room for fresh content, brand-new design elements, customer developments, and anything unique that helps you expand on your Magento E-Commerce Website Development vision.

One proven way that savvy Magento Commerce Developers always suggest taking is revamping the Web Store. We know that you are probably dreading the fact that you will have to ride the roller coaster of redesigning the Web Store completely. However, there are several reasons why it is all worth your plunge and energy. Let’s get through them right away!

1. Better Brand Communication

Revamping is a perfect opportunity to evaluate your brand as a whole. Ask yourself questions like;

Is the Web Store working as it should?

Are there any immediate modifications that we need to make?

Amid revamping, typically, online retailers need to consider reviewing A LOT. From the Web Store’s logo to its Digital Media Marketing strategy and everything in between that nurture the brand’s relationship with customers. Hence, to better communicate your brand through your Web Store, focus on every element that adds to functionalities. Though for that, you might need some help from professionals providing Branding and Graphic Designing services.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Web Stores work on the same principle as brick-and-mortar stores. As it is necessary to keep the in-store location clean, engaging, and easy to navigate, you want your website to work the same. And if your website does not work this way, redesigning is your way out.

A website redesign is a great time to advance the website structure and make it much easy for the customer to complete the journey. So, begin with focusing on your unique selling points and combine elements that cut down the purchasing steps. Whether it is quick checkout, landing pages that drive customers seamlessly where they need to be, better-placed CTAs, or whatever you can play your hands on; to make the purchasing process smooth for your customers.

web store

3. SEO Advancement

Content plays a very prominent role when it comes to success, especially on search engines like Google. In the past, some of your content might be dependent on your website’s design and the space that was available on it, even though you had loads of information to communicate.

By taking up the revamping project, you can consider everything and anything, even if it doesn’t relate to the design directly. Thus, allowing you to evaluate your SEO Services Pakistan plan and the impact it makes on search engines.

Moreover, this is also a great time to analyze your website’s page speed and improve your technical SEO Services in Lahore. Rest assured, this way, your Web Store will get more of organic results and will continue to drive towards growth.

4. Re-aligned Marketing Goals

Digital Marketing in Pakistan and sales goals evolve as a business grows. And complying with these Marketing Services goals is a MUST. Honestly, customer relationships are a bet. The moment a customer feels like a brand is not growing digitally, they ditch you for your competitors. And we assume that no sane online retailer wants that in the wildest of their dreams.

Revamping can help you keep up-to-date with trends and evolve. You can always introduce a completely brand-new range of products or a technology that amazes Gen Z or add interactive features to your Web Store like blogs, polls, events, etc. Such tools that are interactive and attractive at the same time are surefire hits when it comes to engaging the audience and enhancing.

So wait no more. Take the plunge and revamp the website using your experience skillfully; formulate a right-targeting strategy and set up Social Media Marketing in Pakistan goals by analyzing your leads and traffic.

5. Website Security

According to stats, around 20,000 websites experience hacks daily. Whoa, that’s a scary figure which can cost the business on the receiving end. Such events do happen once in a few years, but they can still put a business on a tight spot. Not just in monetary terms, but a faulty repo can also spiral down your years of growth efforts and bring you back many years. Hence, it is needless to say that you need to stop procrastination; if your answer to the below question is a NO.

Is your website, your clients, and their data on your website SECURE?

Plus, even if it is not a definite no, and you did find yourself searching for a precise answer, it is time to take a relook at your website’s safety. After all, your Web Store is a result of your efforts and dollar that bring you livelihood. And we assume, you will never want to imagine someone snatching your hard-earned success, aka, Web Store from you. Do you?

Moreover, here’s a Guide to Safe Online Shopping during COVID-19 Times covering technical traits that help ensure that you are shopping SECURELY and SAFELY!

6. Qualified Leads

Revamping enables you to make improvements in your Magento 2 Website Development and go through A/B testing on your web pages. Thus, helping you evolve according to what you know will work wonders to excite your customers. This way, by catering content to your target audience, you acquire more qualified leads that help you with business growth.

web store


7. Easy Integrations

Your Magento 2 E-Commerce Development Web store needs to be compatible with tools and software that can help businesses grow, or either make capturing customer data more accessible to provide the customers with an exceptional experience. So, if you want to improve the functionalities of your Web Store and implement brand-new features, revamping is your way to go. Though if you need some help with E-Commerce Platform Integration, get in touch with us!



Do you believe that your website needs a REVAMP? We assume that you have certainly understood why refreshing your Magento 2 E-Commerce Development efforts is a good idea. However, if you are about to take this step towards breathing new life into your Web Store, you might need the back of the Best Magento Development Company at every step of the way.

At Xcentric, we have a team of Magento E-Commerce Designers, Magento Web Developers, and Social Media Marketing experts that help our clients achieve success. We have helped some big brands in growing to new heights, and can’t wait to do the same for you. Get in touch with us and let our experts handle all the hassle for you!







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