6 Social Media Platforms to turn your business around in 2022

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 07, 2019

Humans are social beings. We have the urge to communicate in one way or the other. The primal need to convey our message is so strong that we use any other medium to communicate when we don’t really feel like talking. Social media platforms have become an integral part of our life. Businesses came to use it much later.

Businesses nowadays are marketing their products and services online because that’s where their audience seems to be most active. Online shopping has already been the new cool while people have no time to go to retail outlets whether they would buy a mobile or a simple scarf that goes with their outfit. Businesses have a simple phenomenon, “market where they shop”. If your audience is buying online, then online marketing is your best resort.

The 6 social media platforms according to digital marketers, that if used properly, will make your business the eye candy for 2022.

List Of Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

Needless to say that Facebook wins the title of being the biggest social media platforms, both by the number of users and name recognition. Anybody who wouldn’t know what social media platforms are will still know what Facebook entails. In a short span of 12 years, it has managed to gauge 1.59 billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook paid advertisements as well as pay-per-click ads, encourage businesses to invest in digital marketing.

Their target audience gets to see your ads on their newsfeed as much and as long as they want it. Over 1 million small businesses across the globe and Metro Cash & Carry Marketing are said to have been using different forms of Facebook marketing. With the growing inclination towards Facebook, it is safe to say that 2022 can be your year if you tactfully use its advertisement to your advantage.

2. Snapchat

Ask any millennial and they will tell you what Snapchat is and how in a span of 8 years till this date has made its way into most of us’ cellphones. It has an average of 100 million active users across the globe and about 40% of different social media platforms users use Snapchat. Since it is an image messaging app, business tends to use these stories to advertise their product and services on Snapchat. Stats suggest that there are about 77% of university/school-going females use Snapchat on a daily basis. If you are a cosmetic brand, you might want to consider Snapchat for the 2022 marketing strategy.

3. Instagram

Instagram is said to be a visual social media platforms. Its owned by Facebook itself and has over 400 million active monthly users. As evident, Instagram’s reach is far more than Snapchat and its audience is inclined more toward 35 to 65 years of age. Instagram is distinguished by its amazing filters and photo/video editing features. Since reports suggest that 95% of Instagram users are also using Facebook, it makes them a deadly combination if you are simultaneously marketing your business on both social media platforms.

4. YouTube

YouTube channels are the new cool. More and more businesses are encouraged to have made their own channels to promote their businesses. Founded in 2005, and has been widely acknowledged in every part of the world. It is the largest video-oriented social media platforms website. YouTube backs the second position for being the most popular search engine, past Google of course. YouTube has 1 billion monthly visitors, which gives you a huge playground to play your tricks and make YouTube your business’s best friend for 2022. Yes, it is true that the ads are annoying when your audience is engulfed in watching a video but then you can always strategize your ads to be more useful and less annoying.

5. Twitter

We won’t be surprised if you are of the opinion that limiting yourself to 140 characters is no way to promote your business. But did you know that Twitter alone has over 320 million active monthly users? Businesses all over,  use Twitter to promote, engage and even release information about a new launch, with just these 140 characters. They have the power; you don’t want to underestimate them. People prefer concise and useful information over long details on any day of the week. So if you haven’t considered Twitter as an option then please do. Make the best of it before your competitors do.

6.      LinkedIn

For professional networking, there is no better place than LinkedIn. There are over 24 languages that have access to this app. Multilingualism is the biggest plus if you want to connect globally. There are over 400 million registered users. Business displays their stats and information on LinkedIn, letting like-minded and like-industry people connect. It will help you in attracting employees, partners as well as vendors. Businesses have never been a man’s show. You need people, and how cool would it be to find someone who understands your mind?

All these platforms can work wonders for your business if you employ their features properly to your leverage. It’s understandable if you think you do not have time or you don’t understand how to use these apps best. We’ve got you. Some reputable social media companies in Chicago are there to help you in your best interest. You focus on the business while they focus on your marketing.









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