6 Digital Marketing Tactics to Manage Your Brand

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 06, 2020

In today’s tech-driven landscape, there isn’t any marketing strategy that hasn’t gone digital. Considering that the savvy consumers spend almost half of their day scrolling through digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, etc. That’s one reason why you, as a brand, need to reach where most of your target audience is spending their time, rather than just focusing on SEO Services in Pakistan.

However, managing a brand in the digital landscape can be an overwhelming task. Why? Its ever-evolving, and perhaps, there’s much more stuff to do out there than you can imagine. The only way to make it all work is hiring Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Company

If you’re one eager person, looking to know how we can fine-tune your digital marketing strategies to achieve goals, you’re at the right place. Our Digital Marketing Specialist – Ehsan Zaidi has shared 8 real tactics we use to manage brands effectively. 

1. Influence with Evergreen Content

Having years of experience in providing Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan, there’s one thing we’ve noticed about high-quality content; It’s evergreen, and ultimately, sustainable. In simpler terms, it means that high-quality and engaging content remains relevant to a business’s audience, as long as time goes on.

For instance, let’s consider our very own agency Xcentric Services. We publish content based on the topics that are relevant to the services we provide, such as; YouTube Marketing in PakistanFacebook Marketing Services in Pakistan, and Snapchat Marketing Services in Pakistan, etc. Looking into it a bit strategically, it is sure that this type of content is evergreen. And perhaps, the savvy marketers have already penned that these social giants aren’t leaving the social arena any time soon.

Hence, if you’re struggling with Online Reputation Management in Pakistan, influence your audience with evergreen content, showing who you are as a brand.

2. Build your Brand with Social Media Content

Social Media content is one powerful way for a brand to create its voice. As we’re all familiar with the extent to which the Millenials and Gen Z are addicted to the socials. So it won’t be any surprise if we said that to engage your users, creating highly engaging and unique content is essential.

Keeping in mind that in this social arena, around 54% of viewers use social media to research for the products and services they need. So now we know, evergreen content isn’t the only show-stopper; a tweak of social media to it, and voilà you’re all set to win over other brands.

Here’s a graph showing which generation has the most active product researchers, scrolling around on social media.

Build your Brand with Social Media Content

3. Interact with the Audience over Reviews and Complaints

The consumers of today are smarter than you can think of, and if you don’t believe this yet, you’re missing out on something important – The reviews. Let’s be clear that the buying decision of every other consumer depends on the kind of reviews they’ll be reading about the brand. Reviews and complaints either break a brand’s image or make it up. Either way, it depends on how the brand interacts with its potential customers/audience.

Google Reviews is one place where most of the audience looks for reviews about a brand. So make sure that you’ve stacked up some real five stars from your customers. However, interacting with the audience and catering to their complaints and reviews is essential because it’s the only way Google recognizes your reviews.

Xcentric’s GMB (Google My Business) shows up these results when people search for it.

Interact with the Audience over Reviews and Complaints

4. React to Complaints about Internal Operations

SEO ranking and brand image aren’t the only two factors affected by complaints and negative reviews. Technically, they can majorly affect a brand’s internal operation. Hence, an acknowledgment won’t do enough, consider reacting to it.

For instance, imagine going through a review from a customer. You get to know that a sales representative disclosed the wrong price of the products you’ve been selling.  Being the owner of the business or the responsible manager, you need to react and have some words with the employee.

Considering that most of the negative views have something to do with a business’s operations, take necessary actions internally, whenever needed. Rest assured, you’ll surely see a decrease in complaints and negative reviews.

5. Grow your Brand with Digital PR

Digital PR is one pathway brands follow to grow and to create their online presence. So if you wish to build a trustworthy brand, Digital PR can help you with this, though it surely takes some real efforts and time. Let’s go through some proven ways to build credibility on social media.

  • Manage Relationships with Publication Companies
  • Build Backlinks by getting yourself Brand Mentions
  • Guest Post on Highly-Authoritative Sites

Technically speaking, it is vital to get yourself mentioned on Digital Media if you wish to build a Brand. Hence, set your brand towards the best of the path, all while capturing benefits from backlinks and mentions by investing in Social Media Marketing Services

6. Develop Relationships with Third-party Review Sites

Third-party sites hold value in today’s industries. Considering that sites like Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp are easy to optimize, developing relationships with the reviewing sites like the clutch is now essential.

Digital Marketing

In this digital arena, websites like the Clutch allow users to research, analyze, and review some of the top B2B firms of any industry. Further, making it easier to connect with them directly. So get yourself mention in one of those directories and see how they help you out in being successful.

Our teams at Xcentric Services are dedicated to providing direct and organic Branding Services in Pakistan. So if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to align these tactics with your business goals effectively, hire us as your digital and Social Media Marketing Agency







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