5 Ways to make sure that your Email Marketing Emails don’t end up in the Spam Box

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 12, 2019

Although technology is always growing and trends keep on changing rapidly, Emails marketing are here to stay. Email Marketing is a perfect tool to maximize success through Newsletters and Promotional Content. Emails play an important role in Digital Marketing Strategies, so if yours isn’t getting you a high email open rate, you might need to look out where your emails are going. If you’re sure that your email is a bomb but is still not getting success, it might be ending up in the Spam Box.

Here’s a breakdown of ways to prevent your emails from ending up in the Spam Box.

1. Get permission before you send Emails

Like every other mechanism in the world comes with its set of rules and regulations, so does Email Marketing. The number one rule it emphasizes is, getting the permission of the Audience before you send out emails to them.

Businesses get permission to email when the audience signs up for their newsletter and becomes a part of their subscribers’ list. If you’re thinking about what’s the need to get permission, the reason is, you don’t want to send emails in bulk to a person who is not even interested in what you’re offering. Instead, this will result in them marking your emails as spam, triggering a loss.

2. Choose a reputable Emails Marketing Service Provider

As a business, it is your ultimate responsibility to choose an Email Service Provider, which keeps its sender status intact.

Let us tell you something that happens behind the scenes; your emails aren’t only marked as spam when you spam yourself. Emails get flagged as spam when one of the other customers of your Email Service Provider sends spam. To make sure your email marketing campaign goes well and becomes a success, choose reputable service providers like Gmail, Outlook, and ICloud.

3. Make sure your Subscribers remember you

The common reason for subscribers marking your email as spam even when it’s not is, they don’t remember your brand. Once the count of these spam emails increases, your emails marketing automatically don’t make their way to your inbox. The major reason for subscribers forgetting you is your low engagement with them, even when they’ve subscribed to your newsletter by their own choice.

To prevent this from happening in the future and causing your emails marketing campaign a downfall, make the branding in your emails match the branding on your website, your content should be memorable and engaging enough that you build up the space of your brand in the mind of your subscribers.

4. Go for Accuracy and Consistency in your Email Content

The CAN-SPAM Act states it is actually against the law to mislead and spam your subscriber through your emails marketing content. According to a survey, more than half of the subscribers said that they felt deceived, unsafe, and tricked by opening an email which;

  • Had a misleading Subject Line
  • Didn’t include the Physical Address of the Business
  • Excluded the Unsubscribe Link

No matter how valuable you think your emails are, any of the above mistakes will lead your emails to the spam box. To make sure the game doesn’t turn off on you, use accurate Subject Lines and include your valid physical address at the bottom of the email. Furthermore, include an unsubscribe link to let subscribers out if they no longer want to hear from you.

5. Use Spam Checkers to test your Emails for any issue

If you’re sure that you have been following all the necessary rules to make your emails marketing campaign a success and you still have this problem of your emails marketing going to the spam, use any of these famous Spam Checkers to find out any more issues.

  • Litmus
  • Mail-Tester
  • Sender Score

The best way to use these Spam Checkers is to separately check if the issue is server-based or content-based, to resolve it soon.

Have you gone ahead and followed all the ways mentioned to stop your emails from going into the spam box, but the campaign is still not working? Consult a Digital Marketing Agency to make things work in the best possible way.







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