5 Trends We Follow As A Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

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  • Jul 26, 2021

Quite obviously, 2021 did not turn out how as planned. The pandemic affected everyone in every way. Whether it was how businesses communicate with clients, customers shopping from brands, or conducting research – it all changed. Moreover, it accelerated some E-Commerce trends that we at Xcentric Services did not ignore as a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company.

Homebound customers of today have shifted towards online shopping, forcing businesses worldwide to invest in E-Commerce channels. One of those popular channels is Shopify that you as a retailer can adapt to get a competitive edge.

As an agency, we have the experience and expertise to help online retailers thrive during these challenging times; by developing seamlessly running Shopify web stores. BUT, before you get on board with us for the development, let us get you through the trends we follow. In this article, the biggest trends of the E-Commerce world that we tap into are listed. Let’s get through them before we prepare you to beat the competitors in 2021!

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

1.  Customer Research

The developers at Xcentric Services believe that to keep pace with the constantly changing consumer needs, preferences, and behaviour, turning towards research is important. Currently, the retailers are operating in such an environment where the only constant is CHANGE. Hence, innovating the customer journey is crucial than ever, which we do for our clients when providing Shopify Website Development Services.

From concept to development and designing the layout for an E-Commerce store, our team embeds customer research at every step of the process. It helps us shape customer experiences, validate everything ranging from trends to transformational ideas, and optimize Shopify web stores.

Normally, we run customer researches in just a few days rather than weeks like other agencies because they are not based on a fixed approach. Simply sketching out concepts and a touch of smart work is what works for us in this digital world. Though issues do come up later on, with optimisations and tweaks, we make them work to enhance customer experience.

2.  Experience In-Store Shopping Online

As a result of the pandemic, we have found more inventive ways to help retailers bridge the gap between online shopping experiences and in-store shopping. Their customers now have access to a new way to search for products and purchase them. Specifically, the technologies we are using as a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company to provide experiences like in-store shopping include:

·   Virtual & Augmented Reality

By enabling the Shopify web stores with Augmented and Virtual Reality – a major part of the 2021 trends, we allow customers to try out different products digitally. On their mobile phone’s camera, the website visitors get to see how different variations of a product would look like on them. Though it is not exactly similar to how we see a product in real life, the experience gives customers a near-reality insight to make an informed decision.

·    Virtual Services

One of the reasons why customers prefer shopping in-store is getting to communicate directly with a representative of the brand. Well, even with online shopping, this is not a problem anymore as we enable Shopify web stores of our clients with Live Chat features. So yes, going that extra mile for your customers and providing a compelling online shopping experience is just a message away

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

3.   Personalization & Loyalty Programs

We have been providing the Shopify App Development and website development services to retail clients for years now. Every time, we have noticed that loyalty programs and personalization are E-Commerce trends that grab the most customers. Over the previous year, these two tweaks have taken the E-Commerce world by storm, and it will continue beyond 2021. Hence, at Xcentric Services, we made sure to tap into this one for our clients who pay Shopify Website Prices.

Before the pandemic, most businesses awarded loyal customers only in physical stores. However, now, we have automated it online to build a deeper connection with the customers and provide value no matter what. We fully personalize the online shopping experiences for loyal customers and provide discounts to retain them. As a result of this one-to-one marketing using Shopify’s features, sales have always increased.

4.    Social Commerce

The way to retail online successfully is to retail anywhere and everywhere. When tapping into trends in 2021, team Xcentric Services does not miss out on this one and helps clients sell across different social platforms. Why? Because that is where customers spend most of their time now.

The cherry on top is that Shopify has developed strong integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Google and very recently – Tik Tok. Hence, the idea of social commerce sounds very exciting to us. For example, we leverage Facebook Shop to create customized online storefronts for clients with a Shopify web store. Thus, allowing their customers to buy through the application with Shopify-powered checkout.

5.    Creative Advertising

As a Shopify E-Commerce Development Company, we have seen 3D being used in Ads in 2020, particularly in the beauty industry. It is believed that the trend will continue in 2021 and beyond too, because of the pandemic.

We take this trend as an opportunity to advertise the products of clients in a cost-effective way, rather than then having to invest in traditional shoots. From saving time that goes into arranging schedules and the safety guidelines to follow during the pandemic; we end every hassle.

Moreover, our marketing team also adds a pop of personalization for clients by creating their limited-edition filters on Snapchat or Instagram that are the current trend. And hence, as the pandemic has put everything on hold, we the target audience of clients engaged with creative advertising and convert them to customers.

Shopify E-Commerce Development Company

Take That Extra Step To Generate Sales In 2021!

In 2021, the retailers no longer get to decide where the customers make a purchase. More than ever, they need to communicate with customers on channels where they exist. Shopify Experts at Xcentric Services are ready to help you make this shift if you are a retailer. Hire us as your Shopify Development Company and take that extra step to provide better online shopping experiences and generate sales; at an affordable Shopify Website Cost.







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