5 SaaS Trends to follow to keep up with the speed of E-commerce Companies

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 18, 2019

Before we explore the SaaS Trends and E-Commerce, every business needs to know that they’re not just a technological advancement. SaaS is having a significant impact on the professional world, whether it be Email Marketing or any other Digital Marketing campaign, whichever is carried out to keep up with the speed of the E-Commerce industry.

As 2019 was a breakthrough year for SaaS, the trends show that it will surely stand out in 2020, around the horizon. To put additional light on SaaS tends and to keep your E-Commerce Store up-to-date with them, let’s go through some of them, which you’ll need, to keep up with the speed of your competitors.

1. AI and Machine Learning

Today, AI and Machine Learning are all over the Digital world and are also a growing trend in SaaS. In other words, they are the most impactful trend in SaaS, giving a self-learning variety and automaticity. AI and Machine Learning are providing a high degree of responsiveness and interaction in E-Commerce stores and technology, taking SaaS Trends to the next level in 2020.

The characteristics of SaaS are greatly influenced in a variety of ways, by AI and Machine Learning. Both of them are going to make SaaS a key selling point in the future, as the E-Commerce stores are willing to pay for it, so get your E-Store to flow in with the trends.  

2. Vertical SaaS

Vertical SaaS effectively address the customers’ needs, according to your E-Commerce Stores niche, as they can adapt features which you and the E-Commerce industry demands. Following the trend of a Vertical SaaS, you, as an E-commerce Store owner will get the following benefits;

  • Insight into Industry Specific and Customer-focused Data
  • Integration with pre-defined KPIs and Metrics
  • A high degree of value to E-Stores Operations and Performance
  • High-quality Services and Standards

In 2020, many E-Commerce store owners are planning to take over more of their targeted niche by expanding through Vertical SaaS. We advise you to stick over this trend and increase your share in the industry, as competitors are growing more and more.

3. Branding is everything for SaaS

SaaS Trends and Branding together are going to take over the E-Commerce industry in 2020. Branding is all about creating brand value, remaining true to your missions, and animating creative visuals across all touch points in the E-Commerce industry.

Branding based SaaS Trends are going to take over the future as every business and software vendor knows that there is an explosion of creative branding and cultural development, across the industry, by the end of 2019. Following this SaaS trend, you’ll be able to get under your customers’ skin, allowing you to track all the metrics and gain insights that can secure you a bright future in the industry.

4. Micro SaaS

Every SaaS has 9+ competitors around it in the industry. Though they’re not a leader in the world of technology, as 2020 arrives, they will undoubtedly influence every other E-Commerce store, making it an exciting yet evolving year.

In response, SaaS companies have innovated, and with this coming year, Micro SaaS is going to take over. It is now more miniature. These miniatures are smaller tools that provide for one important function and can be run by smaller teams, rather than having to spend on bigger platforms and teams. For example, they can come in as plugins and extensions on WordPress or Facebook. Micro SaaS can be managed and deployed faster with a few people overhead, making it more effective.

5. White Labeling

White Labeling SaaS trends are beneficial for E-Commerce stores, who are just at the startup page. Moreover, they’re of the most rapidly growing ones of all the trends. In this era, where there are tons of competitors around every business, regardless of which industry they belong to. It is very difficult for an E-Store owner to sell their products and services as a consistent business entity. 

To evade all the problems of competitivity and startups, White Labeling has gotten into trends. By the end of 2019, many business owners are leveraging their sales through this SaaS trend. It retains their brand’s identity, all while selling solutions, where the SaaS works the same way as Dropshipping works. Have your take on this native-looking SaaS trend and keep up with the speed of the E-Commerce industry.

SaaS Trends and E-Commerce

The race of this tech-savvy world is intense, in which every E-Commerce store is a participant and everyone wished to win. However, trends keep on changing, making it a case of survival of the fittest in the industry. Though these SaaS trends guarantee that you’ll reach new horizons of the tech-world, you still might be having second thoughts. So to stay trendy, without having to take up the stress of failure, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get some professional help.







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