5 Product Description Mistakes That Drive Buyers Away

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 30, 2020


Here’s how Apple defines its newest MacBook Pro – Designed for those who challenge limits and change the world.

Wow. That’s a great description. That’s a damn great description!

Who wouldn’t want to challenge limits and change the world? Everybody.

And that’s the reason why you shouldn’t undervalue the power of an all-embracing product description. And contrarily, the disruptive nature of a disastrous one.

A great product description can support boosting product’s demand, improve SEO Services in Pakistan, and grow sales. However, ineffective product descriptions reflect unusual return rates, lowering conversion rates, and bad reviews for your E-Commerce store.

Nobody realizes this better than Apple. Though we can’t all be as remarkable as Apple, you can yet make certain that your product descriptions are rock-solid, to be at the safer side. Being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, in this blog, we’ll be considering some common mistakes E-Commerce entrepreneurs have been performing while describing their products.

1.      Bad Grammar and Typos are a BIG MESS!

Let’s perform a prompt evaluation experiment, shall we? Here’s a comparison of product descriptions displayed for a camera lens. Being a business, which one do you assume would secure a customer?

Description #1 – Guard camera lens from dirt, specks of dust, and things. The camera case is designed from high-quality ABS synthetic. Regular fit for every camera lens, any size, and model. Sold with supporting case and microfiber fabric for clearing. Purchase now and get a complimentary upgrade to special lens cover. 

Description #2 – This Excel Shot Camera Lens has been designed from the highest-quality ABS synthetic, and composed with a novel, patent-pending alignment characteristic that supports it to cover unspecified lens of every shape. Shield your camera lenses from dust particles and wreck! They’ll be packed with an added carrying bag and a microfiber fabric. Buy right away, and we’ll deliver an extra lens cover for free!

Do you see how the description #1 is not entirely obscure, is a little stuffy, and holds quite a few grammatical mistakes and a significant typo? If you were the customer, which product would you buy? Clearly, the product specified in Description #2. 

Obvious and high-quality script sparks confidence and conceives a better vision of your brand. In opposition, a careless script that’s grammatically mistaken will confuse consumers from buying at your store. Though there’s no substitute for exceptional grammar and quality scripts, the practice can lead you to perfection. However, if you don’t enjoy writing, we’d suggest you hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan to help you with this.

Bad Grammar and Typos are a BIG MESS!

2.      Copy-Pasting Descriptions? Watch out!

Do you wish to see a website that’s an identical model of their competitors?  If the answer is NO, then you should drop your strategy of copying and pasting product descriptions straight from the manufacturer or competitors.

Copying and pasting product descriptions is a lazy play, and can negatively influence the results of Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan that helped you reach higher on Google’s SERPs. Google doesn’t fancy monotonous content. So your website will be ultimately penalized if your product descriptions are plagiarized. Rather, get inspired by the descriptions you read around and create your personalized descriptions.

3.      Composing Walls of Text

When buyers land on a product page, they don’t wish to be approached by a wall full of text. Possibly, their sights will scan across the page to diverse fields, such as:

  • Product Visuals
  • Call to Actions
  • Product Cost
  • Personalization Options – Size, Color, and Material
  • Buyer Reviews 

While a consumer is evaluating if they desire to purchase a particular product, they’ll browse the page for related information. Hence, avoid making it difficult for them to find some information. The good practice is – Spread product descriptions into two parts. For the first part, utilize four to five bullet points at the top of the product page to grab a buyer’s attention, and to make it easier for them to scan more about the product. For the second part, add a more detailed description, displaying a little lower on the page. Though try to maintain a word count of 150-200, and make clear that you use line breaks where suitable, to make reading more effortless.

Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan

4.      Your Descriptions Doesn’t SELL

A consumer viewing your products doesn’t indicate that they’re eager to click the trigger and flip it into their cart. They need to be attracted, and along with eye-catchy visuals, the product descriptions play an important rule. Consider your product description as a selling pitch. Enquire from yourself questions such as;

  • Why would a consumer want to buy this product?
  • What makes this product so unique that a customer would buy it instead of another similar product? 
  • How will the customer benefit by buying this product my business offers?
  • Does the customer understand the proper handling of this product? 

Every product is diverse, of course. But answering yourself these questions concerning your products and reflecting on their advantages and novel characteristics is one of the most reliable ways to get motivated to compose a product description that sells! 

5.      Displaying Low-Quality Product Images

High-quality visuals are essential, regardless of what products you’re selling. Though it doesn’t require you to be a professional photographer, still, make sure that you’re picturing from a high-quality camera, clicking in a bright space, and capturing the products accurately.

Plus, don’t be tempted by the visuals on your competitor’s website and end up copying them, because that’s one mistake we’ve discussed before. However, we understand that to stand out of the pack you need to display something unique, and if you’re unable to do that, we’d suggest you get some Branding and Graphic Designing Services in Pakistan to make sure that your efforts and dollars spent on Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan pay off.

Product Description and Graphic Designing Services in Pakistan


As long as you dodge these mistakes, and take your time on crafting thoughtful product descriptions that are sales-focused, you’ll surely boost your sales. And after you’ve fixed your mistakes, if you need some more help with E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan, get in touch with Xcentric Services, or check out the Xcentric Blog because we’ve got loads of resources for entrepreneurs who are envying to boost their sales and develop their business.







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