5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Call Center In Pakistan

Sumayya Shahid

  • Feb 02, 2023

The concept of a Call Center in Pakistan is gaining more and more recognition as every business wants to provide the best service to its customers. However, because they don’t have the time and resources to do that, outsourcing a team of call center agents is considered a better and more effective option – and that’s where Xcentric comes to the rescue.

The call center agents at our Call Center Agency are responsible to manage customer calls for businesses. Their responsibilities include taking orders, addressing complaints, and answering the queries of customers. However, before you get on board with us, read through this blog to find out what exactly a BPO Call Center is and how our services will benefit your business.


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What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

BPO mainly functions as a third-party service provider, enabling businesses to focus on other important areas. So, let’s say you have to focus more on your product or services and also want to build a good relationship with your customers as well. Frankly speaking, no business has the time and resources to train customer representatives in-house. And, that’s precisely why they should hire Call Center Outsourcing Companies like Xcentric to provide customer support services. Outsourcing us will take a lot of load off your shoulder, but before you do that, let’s get through the benefits that we have in store for you.


Note: When hiring Call Center in Pakistan, make sure that you provide full information about your product as it helps the call center agents take the customer service up a notch.

5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Our Call Center Services

We understand that while looking for a Call Center in Pakistan, every business has a budget and requirements. Therefore, other than training our call center agents and ensuring that they have strong communication skills, we also keep the business’s budget and requirements in mind. When you outsource us as your call center, expect the following benefits:

1. Less Time-Consuming

One of the most important benefits of opting for a Call Center in Pakistan is that it is less time-consuming. We know that hiring and training in-house support workers takes time. So, at Xcentric, we train our agents to learn about our client’s business goals, their products, and customer expectation.

Businesses all around the world opt for a Top Call Center in Lahore to improve their customer satisfaction rate. Hence, without any worry, rely on us for managing your customer support. All you have to do is provide our call center agents with the initial knowledge about your products and services – the rest will be handled by them.

2. Budget-Friendly

Before hiring us as your Call Center in Pakistan, calculate the average salaries of all customer service specialists. Now add in the total investment that goes into the technology used by them and their training. The final sum is going to exceed your budget. Now the benefits of outsourcing a professional Call Center Agency like Xcentric are obvious, right? Hence, by outsourcing us, end the responsibility of hiring customer support staff, setting up systems, and incurring other costs.

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3. Fast Responses

We all know that the demand for Call Center in Pakistan increased during the period of the pandemic. All face-to-face conversations were limited because of sanitary precautions. From there onwards, customers got used to reliable support everywhere. The fear of bad publicity has made businesses open their customer services 24/7.

So, when looking for a professional Call Center in Pakistan, businesses also look into the availability of their services. Our call center agents at Xcentric provide 24/7 customer support, to ensure the smooth operations of your business and a fast response time.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility in handling call volumes and having specific knowledge about various industries is important to provide the best customer service. According to Google, during peak hours – customers are more active and they need immediate responses. So, just like every Call Center in Pakistan, we at Xcentric also train the call center agents in managing changes in call volumes. Hence, when you get on board with us, no matter which industry your business belongs to and the call volume, our agents have your customer service covered.

5. Monitoring

Being a Call Center in Pakistan, we at Xcentric record all the calls and transcripts of chats with clients’ customers. We then use these recordings to review the performance of our call center agents and also for training them. And on the regular basis – weekly, monthly, or daily – the overall performance is shared with our clients so that they have clear insight into the performance. After all, getting sales by satisfying customers is not enough, businesses need to know the numbers too in the form of reports.

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Dealing with customer queries can be tiring. Hire Xcentric as your Call Center Agency to let go of the stress. To get started, call us at 0300-800-2094 or email us at connect@xcentricservices.com today

Final Words

With the development of technology and an increasing number of businesses in the world, customers expect the best support services. Hence, by using the latest technology tools and training call center agents to address the concerns of customers in the right way, we at Xcentric help businesses increase sales. So, without any further delay, hire us as your Call Center Agency. Rest assured, our call center agents will take your customer satisfaction level to another level.







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