4 Reasons Retail Stores Matter Now More Than Ever

John Smith

  • Apr 26, 2019

Retail techniques are changing with the change in technology, modern tools of retail such as people counting cameras are boosting the businesses to the peak.

There is no doubt that online retailers and online stores have taken a huge part of the consumer market all over the world like fire. Whereas many now see the dominance of internet sales as the only future for retail, conventional retailers on the high streets and in shopping centers still have a huge role to play in the customer purchasing experience regardless of the product or brand.

Shopping online has certainly made the consumer’s journey a lot easy, less time-consuming, and cost-effective. With the availability of online stores, anything you possibly want or need is now available to buy online from cars to even tiny household stuff. You can argue that consumers have no need to set foot in a shop or shopping center ever again but these studies are now practiced practically and it openly shows that you might be thinking wrong. In this blog, you will be able to notice the importance of retail stores now days even having the most authentic and good online stores, customers still prefer retails stores.

Now days doing shopping online is surely more time-efficient and sometimes cost-efficient too. Although there is a number of things that online shops even cannot compete with, particularly, adding value to the customer buying experience.

As a customer to buy anything particularly clothes or you can say any new perfume it is just not possible to decide the quality of the product online. Many users do not trust reviews when it comes to purchasing. In this case, customers always prefer a retail store near them with a variety of good products.

There are things that can be bought online through the internet such as software and many other hardware products as well but things that are connected with other human senses such as fragrance and clothes regarding their quality are tough to buy from an online store without smelling, particularly if you are trying a brand for the first time. The same thing goes with the quality of clothes because the things we see in an online store are not the same when received and even if refunded it takes lots of time and effort.

The second and most important thing is that it is hard to trust any online shop due to the increase in frauds online customers sometimes get afraid and this is where retail stores get an edge over online stores or shops. All the online shops look almost the same and it is hard for the customer to trust any website store. Many customers faced the issue of fraud already and the fear prevents other customers to share any kind of their card information on the internet.

When you order something online it takes time specifically if you bought something from an online store that is set in another country. The shipment time and its handling cost is a drawback of the online store. If a customer has to go out for a party or some kind of ceremony and he wants an outfit he cannot rely on the online stores because there are chances that his package might be delivered late. So he will grab some clothes from the nearest retail store available.

These are some main reasons why retail stores are more important now at least the customer can get what they are looking at. Retail stores are also updating with time and technology. Retailers are using people counting cameras and people counting applications to count the footfall traffic in the store and to track customer journey along with customer behavior.







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