4 Great Features Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

John Smith

  • May 21, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is most cultured customer relationship management CRM has far expansive features and abilities than what most people realize.

When it comes to maximizing, growing and evolving customer relationships, having a robust CRM solution is crucial. According to Microsoft research, 53% of top-performing companies say they have invested in CRM to drive sales and productivity, and 47% of polled CRM users say their customers’ satisfaction has been positively affected by their CRM solution.

However, many organizations are now broadening their CRM activity and integrating their CRM with other aspects of their business, and other technology solutions and applications, in order to streamline processes and seize more opportunities.

1: Get Deep, Cross-Channel Sales Insights

With Dynamics 365, you can turn your customer relationships into real revenue, by using data and business intelligence to better understand what your customers want and provide the personal attention that will help you convert more opportunities.

Today, data is the new currency. Organizations are creating more data and can access more data, faster, than ever before. With Dynamics 365, this data can be harnessed and used across the organization to generate action and drive outcomes.

Bringing all of your sales and customer data into the one, streamlined channel, you can also very quickly identify trends for potential sales, and rapidly determine next steps. And smart usability tools within the Dynamics 365 interface also keep your people focused on what they need to do; helping them prioritize tasks, activities and action items.

  1. Manage Remote Workers And Assets

If you operate a business with remote assets or workers, it can be extremely challenging and time-consuming particularly if much of your monitoring and management is done manually.

For this reason, more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based CRM solutions, which enable remote workers including sales staff to tap into crucial data from anywhere, and from any device.

With Dynamics 365, you can optimize your field service via intelligent scheduling tools, mobile support, and remote asset monitoring.

By implementing the Internet of Things IoT devices on certain machinery or assets, for instance, and integrating it with your Dynamics 365 solution, you can very quickly determine when an asset requires maintenance mean you can activate it before the problem escalates. This, of course, means less downtime, better efficiency, and improved productivity.

  1. Automate Project-Based Processes

With Dynamics 365, you can put the client at the center of your operation not just to make an initial sale, but also on an ongoing basis.

A Forrester study, for instance, recently polled 2,000 employees who were using Microsoft Dynamics. The study found that by using Microsoft Dynamics, return on investment in terms of productivity gains was a whopping 245%. According to the study:

  • 50% of teams improved productivity
  • Productivity and sales uplift was 5%
  • Consultation time was reduced by 10%
  • Revenue increased by 2%
  • Customer service labor costs reduced by 40%
  • Labor costs overall decreased by 20%
  • Marketing budgets saved at least $75,000

For instance, Dynamics 365 simplifies and enhances project planning – making it easier for your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates. You can also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Project, so you can improve project planning from estimation to completion.

Resourcing is also simplified via Dynamics 365, as you can assign the best consultants to each project based on their skills, availability, and interest, by unifying resources and scheduling. You can optimize your resources across project service, customer service, and field service, and in so doing, increase your consultants’ job satisfaction.

  1. Enhance And Evolve Your Marketing

With the help of Dynamics 365, you can unite your sales and marketing tasks together to deliver more combined customer service experiences.

Dynamics 365 means you can bring your marketing content, data, and processes together to deliver engaging customer experiences for all customers. You can also create a 360-degree view of customers across sales and marketing, and take a more proactive approach to sales and marketing anticipating customer needs, uncovering insights and personalizing all touch points.

For instance, you can get information about all the interactions customers have had with you to help create a seamless experience for them whether they are responding to your marketing campaigns or speaking with your sales team. You can also deliver consistent messaging between your sales and marketing teams to increase retention rates, reduce the sales cycle and increase close rates.

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