3D People Counting Cameras

John Smith

  • Feb 20, 2019


People counting cameras are taking the retail business with a fire. Retailers are getting full benefits of the devices and they are improving their business.

With time passing the technology in the people counting cameras is improving and being more accurate to produce precise data. Right now if you will go through the market you will see people counting devices with almost 95% of accuracy. The V-Count is a well-known people counting camera manufacturer and their products are accurate up to 95% to 98%. They offer different technologies in people counters and with partners with V-Count, Xcentric Services is also providing you a variety of people counters. Visit Xcentric Services website store to get the people counting camera price.

Presently there are Single-lens, double lens, Thermal, Wi-Fi, and infrared technologies in the people counters. Single-lens is actually 2D and the double lens is 3D. You will get some information about the 3D people counting camera device now. Many of the retail stores or shopping malls trust the data collected by V-Count people counters. They use the camera-based traffic and the data to improve their business and study customer behavior and create possible changes in the business to grow it.

The key to a successful business depends on the collected data and that data should be trusted and accurate because if you are using a device that is not accurate you will miss all the accuracy and you will not get what you were trying to achieve. Regular 2D cameras or we can say single-lens cameras and traditional counting techniques are not that much accurate as of today’s technology such as thermal cameras or the 3D people counting camera because the needs of the retail business are high and advanced now.

V-Count understands that without the accuracy in the data, the retailers will question the people counts instead of taking new steps to improve their business. This is the reason why V-Count created 3D Alpha+ with the maximum accuracy and reliability just according to the retail business in the new world.

The main two features that make 3D people counter better than others is obviously the accuracy and the counting from the 3D makes results more precise. So accuracy and precision are the bold features of the 3D people counter. In the shopping malls or sometimes in the stores as well we experience huge crowds and at that time it is tough or the people counters to get the right people to count. The 3D people counters still work better in crowded places.

Another feature of the 3D people counters is that they can calculate the depth as well. While counting the people counter-notices a depth and excludes children from the count of the customers. The reason for this is that they are functioned to do so and children are usually not the potential customers. The importance of accurate data is getting higher. Retailers are getting smart to study customer behavior and come up with solutions that will boost up their revenue and business. People counters are the new tools of analytics.

Xcentric Services is providing you all the latest technologies implemented in the people counting cameras by V-Count. All you have to do is get a people counting solution for your retail business and install it in the entrance and exit. The people counter will give you all the counting data on your smartphone. You can save the data on cloud storage as well. If you are willing to get people counting solution for your business visit Xcentric Services website store to get people counting camera price.







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