15 Free Magento 2 Marketing Automation Extensions

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 24, 2020


The recent surveys conducted reveal that around 70% of businesses use automation in their Digital Marketing in Pakistan practices. Thus, for those who run Web Stores based on Magento E-Commerce Development, we have got you some GOOD NEWS. In this article, our magicians at Xcentric have compiled for you a list of Magento 2 Marketing Automation extensions that can efficiently upgrade your Web Store.

Are you looking for FREE TOOLS that help return customers, increase average order value, personalized shopping experiences, and automate Digital Media Marketing and advertising campaigns? Keep on reading through this article and discover automation gems that Magento 2 has in stores.

1. Carts Guru – Remarketing Extension

Recently, we came across an Infographic that mentioned that retargeting website visitors is likely to increase conversions by 45%. However, with the Carts Guru extension enabled on Magento 2, you can achieve this goal and launch retargeting strategies for multiple Digital Marketing Services in a couple of clicks. All in all, this helps you connect with your potential buyers, drives them to your Web Store, boosts conversions, and wins higher engagements.

Key Features

  • Utilizing various Digital Services channels. Examples; Email Marketing LahoreSMS Marketing in KarachiInstagram Marketing ServicesFacebook Marketing Pakistan, and many more
  • Planning and placing targeted and personalized Ads that are dependent on varying conditions such as time, activities, etc
  • Arranging Target Audiences into Static and Dynamic records
  • Strengthening the customer’s journey with the automation of Marketing Services workflows
  • Customizing emails by utilizing the drag-and-drop constructor
  • Analyzing the development of Digital Marketing Services in Lahore campaigns in analytics dashboards

2. Swell – Loyalty Management

Being a Digital Marketing Company, we already have tons of articles at Xcentric Blogs that emphasize the importance of implementing a Loyalty Management System and reward points, along with E-Commerce Website Development. Hence, for that concern, Swell is the appropriate Magento 2 referral extension that strengthens customer-business relationships, attracts new customers, and drives them to the average customer lifetime value.

Key Features

  • Extending 15 ready-made Social Media Marketing campaigns to stimulate particular operations
  • Creating stable experiences for users and rewarding them for their continuous engagement with your brand
  • Customizing the entire appearance of the Loyalty Management Services, from fonts to text, images, etc
  • Analyzing how consumers communicate with your program by utilizing comprehensive analytics

Marketing Services

3. XML Sitemap – Magento 2 SEO

Wondering what Sitemap is and which function it fulfills? Precisely, it intends to showcase Google and other search engines all the web pages on your Web Store.

XML Sitemap is one of the most reliable SEO Services extensions for Magento 2 marketing to increase traffic, presenting a sitemap for your website dynamically and notifying search engines how frequently particular web pages are updated. Moreover, it also indicates in what preference should the bots classify them.

Key Features

  • Advancing your online store’s Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan and promoting the content indexation
  • Including links to a sitemap of pages such as Categories, products, and CMS Development pages
  • Eliminating out-of-stock products from the list
  • Integrating images and product videos and adding media into a sitemap file for bots to index them quicker
  • Entering the update frequency trait for each content type
  • Creating a sitemap dynamically and having it always up-to-date

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4. MAGECOM Sales Page – Discount Extension

The primary purpose of a Sales Page module is to accumulate all the discounted products in a separate division automatically. As a result, you will be able to manage your online store sales efficiently.

Key Features

  • Excluding products from the sales category after the promotional campaign ends
  • Configuring which products you should assign to the sales category
  • Removing products that do not meet the set rules of the division

5. SKALE PushAds

This Social Media Marketing in Pakistan automation tool helps brands in creating and running powerful campaigns such as Facebook Marketing KarachiInstagram Marketing, and Google Ads along with E-Commerce Platform Integration.

One of the dynamic and practical opportunities the extension provides is driving cart abandoners back to your web store with effective Ads. So, if you are hunting for a useful Magento 2 marketing extension that minimizes cart abandonment, SKALE PushAds is the answer!

Key Features

  • Creating a product feed to place dynamic Ads
  • Automatically segmenting the target audience
  • Tracking visitors, including their actions driven on your websites, such as purchases and their worth

6. Smaily

To significantly boost the ROI, grow your brand, and interest your target audience, it’s stable to use Email Marketing Lahore as one of the essential channels.

Snaily is a simple tool built for sending engaging emails and newsletters, including the automated ones sent after specific events. Besides, it is a competition for the returning cart abandonment process, as it supports sending emails, including products from the shopping carts of those who haven’t completed the checkout process.

Key Features

  • Consolidating and exporting newsletter subscribers
  • Customizing the emailing template by utilizing the drag-and-drop constructor
  • Conveying products directly into responsive email templates
  • Monitoring statistics of the Email Marketing Services campaign

7. POWr Form Builder

It enables creating various varieties of forms and then integrating them anywhere on your web store, be it a newsletter sign-up form, product order, or surveys.

Key Features

  • Inserting optional or mandatory fields such as MCQs, checkboxes, and pictures
  • Building comprehensive dashboards with reports and exporting possibilities
  • Forwarding email alerts for submissions and generating branded auto-responders
  • Customizing the dynamic design of forms, such as colors, fonts, sizes, and supporting multilingual texts


8. MageSMS

Are you looking for an approach that notifies your customers on time and boosts brand loyalty? Pay heed to MageSMS as it helps in informing your customers to keep them updated. Moreover, it also manages track of open rates and additional metrics in the analytical system that is in-built.

Key Features

  • Notifying customers with personalized, automatic, or in some cases, an entirely custom SMS Marketing in Lahore notification about various events
  • Integrating bulk SMS Marketing in Pakistan campaigns with sales and promotions of products and services

9. Product Inquiry

There might be various reasons behind retailers hiding the prices of their products, such as economic fluctuations, leading to price competition, or regulating private sales to encourage visitors to send a query concerning the product.

Hence, the Product Inquiry enables showcasing a pop-up with fields that web store visitors need to fill if they wish to view more product details.

Key Features

  • Extending the AJAX-based inquiry form to every product
  • Enabling the price hiding feature for either all products or per product separately

10. Shopper Approved Reviews

Around 70% of today’s tech-savvy buyers specifically look for product information before they go ahead with their buying decision. Hence, it is essential to winning as many reviews as a brand can, apart from providing remarkable user experiences.

Shopper Approved Reviews gathers all the formats of reviews from different platforms. And later, it places them right at the most prominent place that ensures conversions.

Key Features

  • Integrating product reviews
  • Sharing reviews directly on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Customized review layouts

Online Reputation Management

11. Review Reminder Extension

In addition to the before-mentioned extension, our next suggestion is Review Reminder, which enables sending automated scheduled reminder emails to your buyers after specific days of their purchase. In the long run, it raises conversions and improves Online Reputation Management. Thus formulating a trustworthy image.

Key Features

  • Sending automatic review reminder emails to buyers
  • Choosing any days after purchase to send a reminder email to customers
  • Giving a link to the review submission form in the email

12. Swym – Back-In-Stock Product Alerts

One of the ways to boost customer engagement and interactive personalization is enabling your customers to subscribe for products that are out of stock or sold out and then get personalized email notifications when the products are back in stock.

Key Features

  • Sending notifications with back-in-stock products to sign-up users automatically, and then sending re-stocked reminders if they missed out on the first one
  • Customizing the layout, which includes the user interface, CTAs, and emails
  • Recording email subscribers in specific lists
  • Maintaining track of numerous metrics via Dashboard

13. Apply Coupon Links

Reports indicate that around 60% of online buyers claim that they would not have purchased if it was not for a discount coupon. Hence, the reason why it is essential to share coupon codes with your target audience via emails or Social Media Marketing Services.

For example, Apply Coupon Link auto-creates coupon codes and integrates them into the shopping cart, which might help you to get the greatest of both worlds; Customer Loyalty and Attracting New Customers.

Key Features

  • Showcasing success & failure messages concerning the coupon code entered
  • Redirecting web store visitors to appropriate URLs or keeping them on the same page, once they enter the coupon code
  • Applying coupon codes in multi-stores and websites

14. Affiliate Extension

According to stats, Affiliate Magento 2 Marketing drives around 20% of Dynamics E-Commerce orders. Moreover, currently, these campaigns drive a fair amount of online buying transactions as Email Marketing Pakistan and approach both types of channels; Paid and Organic.

Are you still not using Affiliate Magento 2  Marketing for your Magento Store? Now is the time because the Magento 2 Marketing Affiliate Extension is a responsive and easy-to-manage tool that enables building as many affiliate plans as possible.

Key Features

  • Planning affiliate programs such as PPL, PPC, and PPS order
  • Combining various tiers and later, introducing different levels of commissions for each
  • Separating affiliates into multiple groups
  • Giving active referral affiliate links through pathways such as emails, social networking platforms, websites, and blogs

15. Reward Points Extension

Some tech reports indicate, around 85% of respondents only proceed with purchasing decisions when the web store offers some loyalty program. And for that reason, the Mageplaza extension is one powerful tool because it turns your potential customers into loyal ones, boosts sales, and increases conversions.

Key Features

  • Rewarding buyers for particular actions such as repurchasing a product, subscribing to your newsletter, rating your brand, and reviewing products
  • Utilizing award points as a virtual currency in your store. Thus, allowing customers to purchase with these points
  • Fixing adjustable rules and requirements for various reward levels
  • Granting rewards to potential buyers who promote your store to friends
  • Customizing reward points according to your preference



Summing up, as a Digital Marketing Agency, we suggest, act holistically and benefit from Social Media Management Services that manage every channel and actions in a row, just to get you the most effective results. So, are you looking forward to coupling your Magento E-Commerce Development Services with digital solutions? The above-listed Magento 2 marketing third-party extensions can help you upgrade your online store significantly in this marketing-driven arena. However, if you’re new to the world of Magento 2 marketing, integrating these extensions can be an overwhelming task for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with our E-Commerce Platform Integration Services. Get in touch with us today and let us handle it all!







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