10 Social Media Growth Hacks to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 13, 2020

Social Media Platforms are home to more than 3.5 billion daily active users. Today, they are believed to be essential for adding value to every online retailer’s Magento E-Commerce Website Development hard work. Growing popular as a primary source of driving traffic to online web stores, social media Marketing Services is leading ahead and bringing in countless opportunities for online retailers.

Are you also an online retailer in search of some tactics that help nail your Social Media Marketing? Being a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan, we understand how badly you want to drive exceptional traffic towards your online web store. However, stepping into the world of social media is not all fun and games. You need to know how to strike a conversation with your target audience to engage them, increase the visibility of your posts, and generate quality leads. Sounds like too much to handle? No worries. There are Social Media Marketing Companies in Pakistan like us, Xcentric Services, always ready to help you grow with our Digital Media Marketing solutions.

Want to know how we can help you with our relevant and persuasive Social Media Marketing in Pakistan strategies? Read through this post, which covers every technique and tweak our team uses to drive towards online web stores of our clients.

1.      Optimizing Social Media Profiles

A social media profile plays a significant role in their branding, building trust, and driving traffic towards your online web store. So that’s the first and foremost thing we focus on fixing.

Considering that you are an online retailer, we assume that you know the importance of SEO Services for an online web store. Well, optimizing social media profiles works similarly.

Hence, when we take up the responsibility of handling a client’s social media profile along with providing Professional SEO Services, we make sure that it is fully optimized. Our team ensures that your social media bio on every channel includes the keywords you are targeting. Also, we add the link of your online web store on your social media profiles to make sure your website ranks higher on SERPs.

Precisely speaking, social media profiles are an asset to boosting your brand awareness. Thus, for every client, our goal is to deliver them a social media profile with perfectly-fitting keywords and information.

2.      Engagement with Target Audience

Social media helps us connect our clients with their target audience. Through their social channels and our strategies for Online Marketing in Pakistan, we interact with their target audience and get them real-time feedback.

The main focus of our team is on being consistent with customer engagement because that helps drive traffic to our client’s social media profiles and online web store. This way, we improve the opinion of their target audience from our client’s perspective.

One of the most notable aspects of our Social Media Management Services is keeping our client’s audience engaged. However, we never combine this digital engagement with self-promotion. To achieve success in engaging the target audience with our client’s online web store, we keep these points in mind;

  • Social media is a two-way street. A one-way strategy doesn’t work on it.
  • We do not ignore any client’s target audience and always focus on engaging them.

Rest assured, when we manage your online business’s social side being a Social Media Marketing Company, you will stay at the top of the game, and the social feeds to drive traffic.

3.      Regular Posting

Every online retailer wants a long list of followers. Being a Digital Agency in Pakistan, we help retailers achieve this goal by posting regularly on their social media channels. Initially, for this, we develop a strategy of how to do your Social Media Marketing in Lahore which will focus on factors like region time, target audience, and hashtags to gain likes and engagement.

Besides, we also focus on the frequency of posting and the number of followers our client has on their social media profile.

Ideally, the posting frequency depends on the type of platform and the Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan that our clients choose. It depends on you, whether you choose Facebook Marketing Packages in Karachi that offer a minimum posting frequency of two posts a day or one post a day.

4.      Creating Viral Content

The term viral pretty much sums up the social media world. Anything that entices the target audience has the potential to go viral and drive traffic. Hence, we consider creating viral content essential to boost your online web store’s traffic.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, which is why when we create content for our client’s social media channels, we make sure that our Branding and Graphic Design Services are on-point. And for that, we do our homework of researching through the internet and staying up-to-date with what is viral.

It’s been years since we’ve been providing Social Media Marketing Services. Through these years, we realized that the audience on social media loves engaging with content that appeals to all six human senses. So now you know, we’re not only tech people, but also mind readers who understand what your target audience wants to see, and that’s what helps us nail our Marketing Services.

social media

5.      Focus on Visual Content

According to our savvy Social Media Managers at Xcentric Services, visual content wins more likes and shares than dull and boring text. Hence, when you partner with us, we invest most of our time in creating visuals that speak of your branding and what you sell.

We create visuals that are bound to get noticed – All thanks to our Graphic Design Services team that leaves no stone unturned to create the best visuals. Later on, once the visuals are all set to go live, we go ahead and share them on your social channels to catch some audience’s eyes.

6.      Staying Active When the Audience is Active

We believe that the key to increasing followers on social media is consistent posting, which is why our team is never lazy to post.

To help our clients shine in this social world and to spark social media traffic towards their online web store, we make sure that we post regularly on their social media channels.

Are you thinking about how we’ll manage this for you? We’ll maintain a publishing schedule for optimizing the publishing activities on your social media handles.

7.      Polls and Social Media Contents

To engage the target audience of our clients, we hold social media contests and polls. Such activities help us reduce the communication gap between the clients and their target audience online. Moreover, it also indulges the audience in liking and sharing the posts, and eventually following the brand on social media.

For such activities, Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan usually focus on Instagram Marketing, and so do we. Because we all know that this era is all about living the instant-life.

8.      Competitor Research

Actual marketing and Online Advertising in Pakistan strategies are the ones that understand how well the competitors are accomplishing. The same fact holds true for Social Media Marketing. Hence, we leverage competitor researching tools to get an insight into the performance of how well our client’s competitors are performing.

Such research helps us analyze the traffic to our client’s online web store and the competitor’s social performance. Want a more clear vision of how we keep an eye on your competitor’s move on social platforms? Here’s what we do;

  • Skim through their social channels with the most engagement
  • Get inspiration from their successful posts
  • Understand the type of content they post

9.      Participation in Communities

On behalf of our clients, we join active community groups where there are high chances of reaching their target audience. These groups are mostly on Facebook and LinkedIn, where we find people with the same interests and inclinations toward our client’s products.

Though before we begin joining the groups, we list down the interests, hobbies, and personalities of our client’s target audience. For instance, if you are an online retailer selling toys, we’ll join groups where the audience is parents. The results?  Potentially driven traffic to your online web store.

10.  Influencer Marketing

Digital Influences in Pakistan are significantly influencing the digital world. We call them digital celebrities, flaunting huge follower counts, popularity, and the power to control the online buyers of today. Hence, our marketing team at Xcentric Services focuses on Influencer Marketing for boosting online sales.

The key here is to choose the right Pakistan Social Media Influencers that endorse our client in the best possible way, all while nurturing a friendly relationship with the target audience. Though don’t worry, you don’t have to search around social media for influencers, let us handle this too for you!


You’ve got your online web store up and running after getting practical Magento 2 E-Commerce Development ServicesBut, there’s no traffic driving in. Well, being a Magento 2 Development Agency, we can understand how much of a pain this can be.

However, after reading through this article, you must’ve also understood that surviving in the social media world demands patience and persistence. Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing in Pakistan is capable, but driving traffic to your online web store takes time, and most importantly, a tech-marketers mind is behind every strategy!

So, to make sure that being on social media reaps you some huge benefits, in the long run, we’d suggest, hiring a customer-centric and client-centric Social Media Marketing Agency – Xcentric Services. We’ll be glad to help you handle socials like a pro and make it a game-changer for you.







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