10 reasons why it is the best time to upgrade to Magento 2

Ali Kazmi

  • May 11, 2020

Climbing the stairs can be hard if you have sore muscles but you don’t even break a sweat while climbing the whole flight when your muscles are fully functional. Similarly, if you are running an E-Store using Magento 1.9 or previous versions, it is a good idea to upgrade to Magento 2 before your Magento E-Commerce Development Services are out-date and gets prone to bugs that are more damaging.

An open-source CMS Application can be a blessing in disguise for you as a website owner. It makes you self-sufficient in managing your site without a developer whenever needed. As per common opinion, nothing competes with Magento, if you are looking for a full-fledged shopping cart solution for your large-scale needs. According to some famous Magento Hosting Services, the latest features and functionalities of Magento 2 are not something you want to miss.

Magento 2

You will see a lot of people pointing out the reasons why Magento 2 is so important in the long run. Since Magento was announced back in 2014 and it wasn’t before November of 2015 that it was made available.  Let’s see if we can make sense of their reasoning and decide whether upgrading right away is the way forward or if waiting wouldn’t harm.

1. Magento 2 is FAST

The audience gets irritated when your website takes forever to load. But as compared to Magento1, Magento 2 loads way faster. It takes about 1.5 seconds on average to load pages like your homepage, product pages as well as category pages. Cool right? Its scalability and enhanced performance are plausible.

Magento 2

2. Search Engine Friendliness is a big PLUS

At the end of the day, if your E-Store is neither SEO Services in Pakistan friendly nor responsive, what is the point? Magento 2 is as responsive as they come. Its responsive front-end design helps it to browse on a variety of devices. Another big plus about this feature is that Google seems to love it and that’s precisely what we need. It has officially been inclining towards mobile-friendly websites in the ranking. So it makes sense why Magento SEO is all over the place.

3. Streamline Checkouts is the New Cool

Your customer like nothing more than to have access to an easy and fast checkout process after they have worn themselves out while online shopping. Magento 2 is exactly what you need because the new streamlined checkout process is a built-in feature here. As a result, the cart abandonment rate has decreased for those who already have Magento 2 stores.

4. Elastic Search is highly supported

While strategizing your marketing, forecasting your sales is an important function. Although Magento Enterprise Edition supports Elastic Search, however, Magento 2 makes it better. It has improved the quality of searches alongside user experience. Multilingualism is something that gives it a competitive edge. Did you know that this cool platform is capable of handling 33 languages? So if going global is what you want, it is made easier now.

5. It’s cheap and easy to update the extension

Updating always costs you both time and money, but Magento 2 is a blessing in this regard. Magento 2 offers an easy installation of the new extensions and modules as compared to Magento 1, which used to take a lot of time. Front-end development is made simpler thanks to HTML5, Less, CSS3, and requires JS. Enjoy it and make the best of your new online store.

6. Ajax add-to-cart is the way to go

A customer gets frustrated when your page loads every time they add products to the cart because sometimes they lose track of the product they were to add next. With Magento 1, the system reloads the page with every addition to the cart, leaving a very negative impact on its performance.

Ajax add-to-cart system, however, does not require reloading the page with every new insertion to the cart. Consequently, enhancing user experience, which might not be your explicit goal, but when achieved is highly appreciated.

7. Navigation is simple here

It’s okay if you are a novice at managing E-Commerce Website Development. Magento 2 offers simple navigation which does not require you to be a web developer to manage your store. That saves you a lot of money and dependence. Also, a simpler admin interface is a welcome feature for those without their own in-house developers.

8. Multiple Database Solution

As compared to Magento 1, which offered a single or a central database for the customers, admins as well as developers, causing a database overload. Magento 2 allows you to use different databases. For instance, one is for product data, the second is for checkouts and the third is for orders. Database overloading will make your website slow and your customers might find hindrance, during their online shopping.

9. All information is found under one roof

One-stop shopping is the selling point for a lot of brands and people tend to like it more than anything else. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could, too, enjoy the feeling when you could just find you’re most important information compiled in one place? Magento 2 offers cool Dashboards that provide an overview of your Lifetime sales, Average order amount, last orders, top searched terms, most viewed products as well as your new customers and financial data, all in one place.

10. Product Uploading has never been Simple

If you dread product uploading, trust us you are not alone and Magento developers seem to understand that too. Because the new version guides you step by step not only how to upload product photos but also videos. The new video feature gives your website a sudden boost because the customers prefer videos, generally.

Given all the reasons, it is understandable if you are still reluctant to upgrade to a new platform. You are not the only one to feel perfectly content with the old version. But what you are forgetting is that the old version will wear out in a year or two and then it will be a problem to upgrade. It will take more time and your business might suffer too. And perhaps, there is no reason to be afraid when there are some reputable Magento Certified Trainers out there to help you with the transition. Just contact us at Xcentric Services and we’ll get you through this without compromising a minute of your business.







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