Xbox one games in Pakistan

Microsoft Xbox As a Brand

The idea of stepping to gaming console business turned successful for the Microsoft and the first console release Xbox actually became a brand owned by Microsoft.
Despite all the failures in the history of Xbox, Microsoft’s struggle was for real and took them at the peak where they always wanted to be. The very first Xbox launch in 2001 was unsuccessful. Reasons were very clear it was first experience of Microsoft in the gaming console business plus Microsoft was not the only one to make innovations in the business, the market was already set by the existing gaming giants Sony and Nintendo. Keeping all the facts in mind Microsoft kept working to improve their gaming console.
With the passage of time Microsoft was able to come up with the live feature in the Xbox in 2002. Xbox Live was the first feature of its kind that allowed users to play games with their friends via internet. The success of this feature brought millions of subscribers to Microsoft. In 2005 next and improved version of Xbox was launched the console was name Xbox 360 and the launch was not such a massive success because the issues in the previous version of Xbox were almost same. Microsoft failed to resolve the issues in the recent launch but later with years Microsoft held another launch event.
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In 2013, Microsoft Xbox One was launched and the launch went successful and Microsoft was on the top of the race of the gaming consoles. The issues users were facing in the previous versions were almost solved and the Microsoft users seem to be happy that time. Later on Microsoft took some dramatic steps as blocking of millions of Microsoft accounts to protect the piracy and security of the gadget. This is a brief history about the development of Xbox gaming console by Microsoft now the gaming console is the successor of Microsoft and Xbox is mentioned as brand. A product once failed to compete other consoles is now a brand.
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