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sale & tax reporting

Easy FBR Sales & Tax Reporting

FBR POS Integration is a seamless way to report taxes and sales. It enables the retailers to assign different percentages of taxes on the product categories- as specified by FBR. It also provides a feature that generates reports for analyzing tax collection data.

verified tax submission

Verified FBR Tax Submission

On the end of customers, FBR POS Integration offers options to quickly verify if the GST amount is deposited to FBR or not. Unique FBR POS QR codes and FBR invoice numbers on sales receipts generated after the FBR POS Integration are verifiable using the Asaan Application.

credbilty & fbr approval

Business Credibility & FBR POS Approval

Opting for FBR POS integration increases the credibility of businesses. With FBR POS Integration, you get to register your restaurant or retail outlet as an FBR-authorized POS provider. Therefore, creating trust among your prospective and existing customers and clients for paying GST tax.

38% revenue increase was reported during the FY 2021-2022 due to FBR POS Integration. We can integrate it for you.
FBR POS Integration

Report Real-Time Sales With FBR POS Integration

Major tax governing and collection authorities in the country, such as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), have moved towards digitizing real-time GST invoices. POS Integration FBR facilitates Pakistani citizens in knowing whether retailers pay tax money to the government or not – through Iris Tax Asaan mobile app.

The mobile application is available to download for both Android and iOS mobile users to check realtime tax returns at the point of sale. Now, the sales tax amount paid by the customers at the point of sale counter and GST in the POS invoicing system at the cash counter is deposited in the FBR POS integration System.

As announced by the revenue regulating authorities, FBR POS Integration in Pakistan is a MUST for every retail and wholesale business.

Hence, without delay, get FBR Integration done in your POS software whether you are using retail sales management and inventory management in RetailPro, Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics 365, Candella, or Odoo.

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FBR POS Integration

Tax Payment Made Easy

FBR POS Integration was made mandatory by the government of Pakistan effective from 1st December 2019.

Therefore, all cafes, restaurants, e-commerce, shopping malls, retail brand outlets, hypermarkets, chain stores, hotels, and snack bars must integrate their POS systems with FBR POS Invoicing System. The Fbr Pos Integration provides a synchronized report of general sales and tax payments.

FBR also amended the Sales Tax Rules 2006 to make FBR POS Integration mandatory for all tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 retailers. Reach out if you are an in-store retailer or an e-commerce business owner looking to get FBR POS Integration with the POS system.

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Is FBR integration mandatory only for retailers of textile and footwear items?

FBR POS integration is compulsory for all retailers, irrespective of the items they are selling or dealing with.

All retailers across Pakistan, whether they are dealing in footwear, textile, grocery, or any other items, are required to integrate their POS systems with FBR’s system.

Is there a penalty for sale skimming in the software provided to the retailer?

Any software house or person supporting the retailer in the concealment of sales or non-reporting of sales will be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 12 months. They will also have to pay up to PKR 200,000 as a penalty.

Should Online Sales of a retailer also be reported to FBR?

For online sales, the retailers should integrate the utility provided by FBR into their website. They should ensure the reporting of online sales to FBR, the printing of invoice number and QR code on the invoice generated, and then mail it to the customer.

Are bakeries, sweet, and meat shops also required to integrate their POS with FBR?

All those retailers, whether manufacturers or not, who sell any sort of goods to the general public for consumption, are retailers as provided in clause (28) of section 2 of the Sales Tax Act of 1990.

Hence, bakeries, meat shops, confectionaries, and sweetmeat shops, selling goods to the public are categorized as retailers and accordingly required to integrate their Fbr POS Integration system online.

Are all restaurants required to integrate their POS with FBR?

Yes, all restaurants must integrate their POS systems with FBR. Whether it is a cafe, coffee place, restaurant, or snack bar, such businesses also fall under the category of retailers required to get the integration done.

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