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Microsoft Xbox One S Features Comparison

Microsoft is well known for its gaming console Xbox and with the latest addition to the family Xbox One S is surprisingly pleasing the players.
The gaming console giant Microsoft launched Xbox One on November 22, 2013. The upgraded Xbox One S came out on August 2, 2016. We will take a tour on the features present in the upgraded Xbox One S and what the Xbox One users are missing. Before I take you to the comparison let me give you the good news Xcentric Services is now selling Xbox One Games in Pakistan. Moreover, Xcentric Services provide best performance management tools, you can check the best people counting camera price on the website.
Blu-Ray, HDR and 4K Streaming features:
The new Xbox One S is capable to run 4K streaming if you have a 4k resolution television. The previous version of Xbox one not supports 4k playback although the games were played in 1080 pixels  or 720 pixels but with the help of 4k resolution television and a Xbox One S you can experience the 4k resolutions 1440p of games and videos you stream. Xbox One S also supports HDR, stands for High Dynamic Range, which extends the range of displayed colors and contrast.
The design of new Xbox One X is a marvel as compared to the old version of Xbox, Xbox One S seems to be awesome. The smooth matte white color console body with the base of black color enhances the look of the console. Xbox One S can be positioned upright with the help of a stand which is easily available in the stores. Xbox One was only able to keep horizontally. The size of new version is a little bit smaller than the old Xbox One. According to the design the Xbox One S looks better than Xbox One.
With the new Xbox One S the Kinect technology is dropped and Cortana the voice assistant f Microsoft took place in the new console. In the previous version for motion sensing Kinect was used but in Xbox One S Kinect port is replaced with an integrated infrared blaster that allows users to configure Xbox One S to control devices such as television. Microsoft users were experiencing the Cortana since windows phone and windows 10 but the feature is now available in Xbox One S also.
The latest Xbox S controller consist of a jack that allows you to connect with your digital assistant via a headset. The controllers of Xbox One S are almost the same as shape like the old versions of the controllers but the controller of Xbox One S consist of textured grip and you can also put different variety of skins on it. The controller also has Bluetooth feature and it helps to Inhance the range of the controller from the console.
The Xbox One S supports all the old games you liked to play on your Xbox One. There is almost no difference of compatibility in both gaming consoles by Microsoft.
As Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox One, still if you need to buy it you can get it from third party seller on Amazon or EBay. You can get a refurnished console for about $200. From the official Microsoft store, you can buy a 1TB Xbox One S and a select game for $300. You can also buy a $250 Xbox One S 500GB without a bundled game.
That concludes that Microsoft Xbox One S is better than the previous Xbox One as the new Version allows all the best gaming experience to the players. You can buy the Xbox One games in Pakistan now, also you can check the people counting camera price on Xcentric Services Website store. Xcentric Services are partners with Microsoft and provide full range of Microsoft products for the users in Pakistan. Moreover, you can make your business tasks more systematic with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can make it a custom software according to your business needs and requirements.