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Windows 10 and SQL Server 2017 Online Features /Services

Microsoft is challenging its competitors by developing world’s best and the powerful operating system Windows 10 and database management software SQL Server 2017.
Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems and the latest creation of MS regarding operating OS is Windows 10. The beauty of Windows 10 is that it matches with the user functionality among devices of different class. It automatically keep the check on the faults that the user is facing and addresses them. Many of the features were tested with the development of windows 8 but to improve the user’s interface the apps were run through several windows compatible devices. Due to difference in device class the responsive design was checked. One more thing to add is the windows 10 supports web apps as well as desktop software but they should be using Win32 or .NET Framework. The applications and software at windows store are packaged with the help of App-V technology for sand boxing.
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Talking about the security of Windows 10 it is revealed that the operating system uses multi-factor authentication technology. The OS allows enhanced support for bio metric authentication through Windows Hello. User can also log in with eye or face recognition if their device supports camera and if you got a device that supports bio metric fingerprint reader you can log in with your fingerprint in this case. The identification information of the user is stored locally and they are protected with the help of asymmetric encryption.
Windows 10 enterprise version provides extra security features. Administrator is allowed to set up policies for automatic encryption of sensitive data and the administrator can select applications from accessing encrypted data this can be done by enabling device guard. Device Guard is a system by which administrators can impose a high-security setting by blocking the software that is not digitally signed by a trusted vendor or Microsoft.
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One of the widely spread software by Microsoft is SQL Server 2017, it is a database management system. Database is actually data storage which is collection of tables and typed columns. Microsoft SQL Server supports various data types like Integer, Float, Decimal, Char, Var char, binary and Text. Microsoft SQL Server uses user defined composite types to define the data type. It also enables Dynamic Management Views DMVs that make server information available as virtual tables. Adding up to tables, the database can also include other features including views, stored procedures, indexes, constraints and transaction log.
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Moreover, Microsoft SQL Server database consist of maximum of 231 objects and they can extent to multiple OS-level files with a maximum file size of 260 bytes. The data in the database is stored in primary data files as an extension of .mdf. Secondary data files are identified or can be stored as .ndf extension and the log files are identified as the .ldf extension. The storage space in a database server is divided by ordered and numbered pages, the size of a page can be 8Kb. The page is the unit of I/O for SQL operations. The page type also defines the data it contains.
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These two products of Microsoft are giving their users the best user interface and a lot ease to manage data by SQL Server 2017. More of creative task can be completed with the Windows 10 built in apps.