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Windows 10 Built In Apps

Microsoft launched the best operating system, Windows 10 in 2015 and created some very helpful built in apps for users to do creative work and increase the productivity.
Microsoft launched some new built in apps with the launch of Windows 10 such as Photos, Maps, Mail and Calendar, 3D builder, Groove, and Movies & TV. The bunch of new built in apps keeps an elegant look and work steadily across all your Windows 10 devices without any crashes. If you are Microsoft user and you are facing difficulty to find the original Microsoft products you can visit to Xcentric Services Website Store to get the Windows 10 price in Pakistan and SQL Server 2017 prices by Microsoft. Moreover, you can get Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Xcentric Services as the company is the authorized Microsoft partners.
Photos app is introduce to create a gallery of your collected images in your computer. The app arrange all the images according to their size, type or data. You can sort the images according to the date or size, this will help you to recall the images quickly. Windows photos app will create different albums of your life events and it will showcase your best shots to help you create your own great story. With the help of one click of a button you can give your image an auto enhance to do a simple and quick editing of your image and then it is kept to your windows 10 internal storage. If you have added a Microsoft account you can back up your photos to One Drive. Once you are done with editing your photo you can share it via email to your friends and family.
Another Windows 10 built in app Maps help you to navigate your world with the sufficient information that will increase your knowledge. The app is a combination of Bing maps and Here maps. Pin favorite locations to the windows Start menu for quick access and easy navigation or add them to the list of favorites. The selected places on the Maps in Windows will sync them across all of yours Windows devices. By the share option you can share any specific location with a friend via email or OneNote. With the help of the app you get the traffic information as well.
Groove, Movies & TV
New apps are introduced to enjoy music, movies and get your TV in your computer by Microsoft windows 10. Groove allows you to listen to your favorite tracks and artists. You can also make your own playlists and add all the latest hits of your choice. Discovering new music with groove is too easy. New music with the radio and some of the custom stations are added on the basis of your choice.
Mail & Calendar
The built in Mail and Calendar apps are improved and got better in the latest Windows 10. Creating emails was never been easier and powerful.
With the options of adding tables, pictures, use bullets and color to get your key points across. Collaborate with your inbox with the help of new touch gestures that allows you to read, sort and archive your mail. The new navigation bar in the mail is quick and convenient and it allows you to move freely between your email and your calendar, it makes it more user friendly interface.
3D Builder
3D builder is a new app introduced in the windows 10. It allows the user to download 3D supported files and then this app helps the users to open the files in it and they can edit them or create new 3D images or objects in the 3D Builder windows 10 built in app.
These are some of the main built in apps launched in the windows 10. Get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices and Windows 10 price in Pakistan from Xcentric Services website store.