Windows 10 price in Pakistan

Windows 10 Xbox App

Microsoft created windows 10 and then launched it in 2015. With the new windows 10, Microsoft offered many new features such as Xbox App.

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Record with the Game Bar

Now days gaming is so much advanced and recording the gameplay is so common now and every gaming console allows you to record your game play but here Microsoft allows you to use Xbox App for recording your games. Before windows 10 users have to install various apps to record their games but with the launch of windows 10 users are enjoying the Xbox app. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Xbox app is a good screen capture tool and it not only records games but it can record almost every app as well.

If you sign in with your Microsoft account in Xbox App the game DVR will be ready to use. If you are willing to use the DVR feature you have to sign in to the app first. You have to press Win + G to open the Game Bar. If you see a box asking if this app is a game, click on Yes. Click the red circle to start capturing video. When you are finished capturing press Win + G or click the red circle to end capturing video. To stop or pause recording you have to click Win + Alt + R. When you are done with the whole recording you will receive a notification in the action center. By clicking the notification you will be directed to your recorded clips and you can trim your recordings there.

Record That

Record that feature allows you to record the last 30 seconds of working on your computer screen. You can increase the time 30 seconds are set by default. Record That records constantly, but keeps the last thirty seconds. Open the Game Bar anytime and click Record that option or press Win + Alt + G to keep that video forever. You have to follow the steps to set record that. Go to the Xbox app setting. Click on the Game DVR tab. After that, enable the Record That. You will see an option of Record the last, there you can adjust the time that you want to record clips every time you click Record that.

These are couple of features of Xbox App that you can enjoy without having an Xbox gaming console. If you don’t have an Xbox gaming console you can get the Xbox one gaming console series and Xbox games in Pakistan. You can also get Windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices. Just to remind you that Xcentric Services is authorized Microsoft partner so make yourself satisfied to buy any product from Xcentric Services.