Windows 10 price in Pakistan

Upgrade to Windows 10 Before Windows 7 Support Ends

Microsoft launched the windows 7 on 22nd October 2009 and after completing a successful decade, Microsoft plans to end the support for the windows 7.
It is shared on all the official channels of Microsoft that windows 7 support will be discontinued. When windows 7 was launch, Microsoft aimed to give it the best ten years support and updates. In result users were getting use to of the windows 7. Till today even after having a series of windows and the most powerful operating system by Microsoft, Windows 10. People still use windows 7 and love it. The reason why Microsoft took this decision is to upgrade their customers to new technology and new trends followed in the market. It is told to the people to upgrade their computers to windows 10 before the supports end because if any user faces any trouble and they will approach to support that will not be available. To avoid such situation you can upgrade your personal computers to windows 10. Microsoft has shared that the support will be ended on 14th January 2020. Many windows 7 users are sad after hearing this news but the users and the Microsoft is happy to complete a ten year journey together enhancing the beauty and the power of the operating system. Well I guess now it is time to step forward to witness the latest technology on list, Microsoft Windows 10.
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Well I guess now it is time to step forward to witness the latest technology on list, Microsoft Windows 10 and you will love the experience of new technology in Windows 10. Windows 10 is not just an operating system that runs your personal computer but it allows you many more exciting features. Many of the applications that were used to be downloaded from internet are now available in windows 10 for free. Such as image editor in image viewer and the 3D builder that helps you to open the supporting files and to create your own 3D images and objects. Groove the music app allows you to get the latest tracks on your playlist. The best part of windows 10 for gamers is that they can save their game progress in Xbox app that is also a built in app in the windows. You can also play your games over computer.
Improved multi-tasking and multiple desktops help you to create virtual desktop on your main desktop. The support of the windows 7 is not ending due to ay promotional or advertisements issue of windows 10. Windows 7 has served a long time and it is somehow getting out of date and Microsoft has launched windows 10 in 2015, that means windows 10 has survived almost 4 years and the operating system is doing a phenomenal work serving the users. Microsoft wants to come with the best technology according to the time in affordable prices for the users.
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