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Windows 10 Improvements

Microsoft noticed some flaws from the windows 8 and by the users feedback Microsoft decided to work on something more creative to please the users.

On 1st of August 2012 Microsoft launched Windows 8 which was the upgraded version of Windows 7 but the users preferred windows 7 over windows 8. After few years windows 10 was released on 29th July 2015. Windows 10 is created to offer the users all platforms at one place. Windows 10 is the most powerful operating system and allow users to enhance the creativity and productivity with the help of the supported apps. Windows 10 beautifies your desktop with the new themes and color schemes. Rumors are spread that Microsoft is going to end the support in Windows 7. The reason for that is Microsoft wants its users to get upgraded to the latest technology, windows 10. So if you are planning to upgrade your computer to windows 10 Xcentric Services is providing you an option to buy or surf all the Microsoft products from Xcentric Services website store in Pakistan you can get any kind of Microsoft product original. To get windows 10 price in Pakistan you have to visit Xcentric Services website store. If you are looking for business solutions you can also buy Microsoft Dynamics 365, it can be customized according to your business requirements.

Microsoft has launched some built in apps but the windows 10 supports thousands of applications that can help you in improving your creativity and by making your work systematic you will be able to increase your productivity. Windows 10 made couple of big updates and improvements in the operating system. I will try to share the improvements Microsoft has made to windows 10 according to improve your creativity and productivity in the past few years.

First of all everybody notices the addition of the Microsoft voice assistant, Cortana. After the windows phone we witnessed Cortana first time in windows 10. A game mode is added to support the players. The game mode allows you to play without any disturbance the system mutes all the notifications, calls and texts from the apps during the game mode is turned on. With the help of the Xbox app you can also stream your games online with your friends.

In addition to the features windows 10 also added picture in picture feature. This was known to the iOS and Android users before but now Microsoft is allowing it in the windows 10. This helps you to watch your video content or video calls continue with your other tasks. A small video screen pops out so you can watch carry on with your other work on windows. Right now less apps are supporting this feature but sooner all the apps will work accordingly.

Night light and Dynamic look are two interesting features. Night light allows you to reduce the brightness of the screen as the sun sets. The blue color is reduced in the night light feature. The dynamic lock allows you to connect your phone or any other Bluetooth supported device to the computer and whenever the device go away from the computer, the windows will lock it automatically for you. The older version of Paint is now improved with the Paint 3D. As name of the app you can get that the Paint 3D allows the users to open 3D images and to create or edit the 3D image. The ordinary Paint application in the windows don’t supports 3D imaging. Moreover, many security updates come from the Microsoft with every big or small update.

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