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Microsoft Windows 7 VS Windows 10

Windows 7 was launched by Microsoft in 2009 and after several years in 2015 Microsoft launched another operating system. Both Windows are marvel of their times.
There was no competition for the windows 7 when it was launched and still it is a stable and reliable operating system for the computers. It is said that Microsoft will discontinue its updates in 2020. In this case you have to upgrade your personal computer to windows 10. Windows 7 is a great operating system with solid working. Between the years 2009-2015 Microsoft also launched windows 8 that was not that much appreciated some users liked it but many were not happy. After that Microsoft came up with windows 10 which was not just only for your personal computer but it supported all the window devices. Xcentric Services is offering all Microsoft products in Pakistan now. You can visit Xcentric Services Website store to check windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.
The Start Menu
The start menu in windows 7 was beautifully built and just like the old versions of the windows and the users were pleased with it. After windows 8 launched we experienced a touch focused interface with big icons and swiping start menu. Change is good but people didn’t really like it. In windows 10 Microsoft gave a well-designed start menu which was a combination of traditional start menu and the live tiles concept and so the mistake was corrected.
Searching Files And Folders
In windows 7 the search was only able to search the files and folders that are in the system or in the hard disk but with the new windows 10 you can search for files and folders in the system it also generates searches from internet. The voice assistant Cortana in the start menu helps user to do so.
Microsoft’s first personal voice assistant Cortana is added in Windows 10 for the search purposes basically. Like Google now and Apple Siri are same in working but Microsoft put Cortana on high duty in the windows 10. By clicking on the search area in the Task bar Cortana is opened opens and allows you ask her several questions like search queries, your upcoming reservations, weather and helps in navigation. Microsoft has launched Cortana for Apple and Android for making life easier.
Virtual Desktops
Virtual desktops were not present in windows 7 but you can download software to create a virtual desktop for you. On the other hand the windows 10 totally supported virtual desktops as the system has the function built in already.
Universal Apps
When windows 7 was launched there was hardly the concept smart devices and to manage different apps over different devices but with time things changed and Microsoft added a feature of universal apps in the windows 10. This means you can buy an app and you can run it on your personal computer, tablet and windows phone.
The traditional browser of Microsoft windows Internet Explorer is now replaced with the Edge Browser in the new windows 10.
Microsoft windows 7 served its users well in the gaming department. Many players use windows 7 for gaming as it is a trusted platform for them. Windows 10 is built on solid bases with some additional improvements. The most noticeable addition of DirectX 12 and Game DVR. The smart upgrade to the Xbox app allows players to record videos of games in real time and then share it with your friends. Xbox App is added to the windows 10 so you can sync your Xbox with Microsoft account and add the same account in your personal computer so you can play according to your gaming console.
This was a brief comparison of two best operating systems by Microsoft. If you want to buy any product of Microsoft, Xcentric Services sell all Microsoft products in Pakistan. Get Windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices from the Website store of Xcentric Services. If you are business professional Microsoft offers you Dynamics 365 to make some ease to you regarding your business.