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Windows 10 October 10th Update Features

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Windows 10 October 10th Update Features

Microsoft made a great Update in Windows 10 and it was announced before the 10th October update. The update was available on 9th October for users with automatic updates.

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The update is not something which will change the whole design or look of the windows 10 but some new features are added and some old features are improved in this update. The theme of this update is tying your smartphone with your personal computer. Microsoft is reaching Apple an Android for the betterment of the feature in the next update and to allow them the features of windows 10 such as Edge and Cortana. Some of the main changes seen in this update are mentioned briefly.

Your Phone App

The app is added to the new update it is for the windows 10 users obviously but somehow Android users are looking happy with the update as well but iPhone users are disappointed. The main functions of the app are like you can watch your phone gallery on the PC just by dragging the pictures on the your phone app. You can also send text messages through your phone app. If you have added the same Microsoft account on both mobile and pc you can see your timeline on your phone.

Cloud Clipboard

Now you can check how many items have you selected just by pressing windows key with V. A list of copied items will reveal in front of you.
New Screen Capture Utility

Mac users were very proud of their screen capture feature but with the new update, Windows 10 has made new improvements in the screen capture. The feature allows the user to capture any screen just by selecting area to capture and save it for later work.

Cortana Search Panel

The previous Cortana search panel is completely revamped. It has more information now such as what type of items you have searched.
Dark Mode for File Explorer

Windows 10 is offering offered dark mode before Apple but it was not applied as much because the dark mode was not visible across the board. The dark mode was only active on the Start menu, Taskbar, Action center, Settings app, and Store. With the new update the dark mode is available for the most used File Explorer window.

Stop Autoplay in Edge

You can stop the auto-playing videos of the Edge browser. This feature was once introduced by Google but due to the marketing point of view they have to autoplay the video in the Google Chrome browser.

New Game Bar

The old game bar in windows 10 is now an app. It is also redesigned and now it includes audio controls and hold back Windows updates during gaming.

Skype Features

Skype was introduced with the windows but it is an app that can be used in different devices. With the new update, you can share your files directly from File Explorer or Edge to the newly designed Skype without even opening the app. You can also record your calls on Skype.
Windows Security

Windows Defender is now used to call Windows Security after the October 10th update. Its virus and threat protection are improved. Ransomware protection locks your folders to trusted apps. The Windows Security window has a Security provider’s page after the update that gives access to your Norton, McAfee, ESET, or any other protection tools you have decided on.

The October 10th 2018 update was really good and came up with many new and improved features. If you are also willing to switch your operating system or want an upgrade to Windows 10 then Xcentric Services is providing you all the versions of windows 10 price in Pakistan. Also, you can get SQL Serves 2017 prices and products from Xcentric Services website store.