Windows 10 April 2019 Update Out Soon

Windows 10 price in Pakistan

Windows 10 April 2019 Update Out Soon

With the series of best-operating systems, Microsoft is now known for the world’s best operating system, Windows 10. To maintain the user interaction updates are carried out.

Lately, Microsoft launched Windows 10 October 10 2018 update which was a massive update with so many new features such as cloud clipboard and smooth design of the apps and the desktop. With the updates, many bugs are fixed and issues are resolved that the users are facing. One thing that is learned by Microsoft after so many years in business, always hear to your customers and make changes accordingly because if your customer is satisfied by using your product you can avoid many troubles. Microsoft launches updates for windows 10 twice a year for new features and for better security and bug fixes.

The next update is called to be windows 10 April 2019 update. The update will be available in the same month but the date is not officially announced yet by Microsoft. You have to manually install the update when it is available.

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Let’s get back on the Microsoft Windows 10 April update and go through the features that are said to be coming in the update. As the release date is not announced yet so the information might vary with the official statement of Microsoft about the update.

Pause Updates

If you are running out of time and you have some urgent stuff on your computer or you just don’t want to install the updates and restart your system right away, Windows 10 allows you to pause the updates for up to seven days. This feature is not so new in the upcoming update because the feature was experienced by the users of the Windows 10 business edition.

Reserved Space For Updates

The main issue in the previous versions of the Windows 10 update was that the user starts an update to install or download and in between the system notifies the user that you are running out of space. The user returns to the old version of windows, this makes a user angry and wastes much time. To avoid this type of issue the new update will occupy 7GB of your hard disk space for updates. It will not be used by the user and whenever there will be any updates the reserved space will be used to install and download the updates.

Light Theme

In October 2018 we noticed that Microsoft added a Dark theme to windows 10 now in the upcoming update it is said that Windows 10 will experience a light theme. Like the dark theme the icons, taskbar, and start menu will be painted with light colors.

Split Options To Search

Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana will not help you out when you are searching for the files and programs on your computer. Microsoft another feature to search things on your computer and the online assistant Cortana will help the user to get searches from Bing via the internet and to perform online tasks like setting reminders.

These are some basic features that are said to come up with the April 2019 windows 10 update but as I said the facts may differ from the official announcement that will be released by Microsoft. If you are not using windows 10, upgrade your computer to Windows 10. Get all the Microsoft products like Windows 10 prices in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices in Pakistan from the Xcentric Services website store. Moreover, you can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for better business solutions.

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