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Website Design & Development

Website Design

Designing a website is more than just compiling together striking images with a lovely theme. A website tells your audience a story. In general, it communicates your brand persona, engages the online visitors, and informs them of your website. While at the same time, compelling them to take action.

The Features of a Sales-Driving Website

If you are wondering why your competitors are winning you, there is most likely something that has to do with their website and what they have on it. Here are some features that might be backing their sales;

  • Website Visibility

When we talk visible, we anticipate in search engines like Google. Around 95% of online experiences start with a search engine. Hence, as a business, you need to optimize your website with the best SEO practices. And when you choose a Web development Company like us which excels at Digital Marketing too, there’s a guarantee that your website will be SEO optimized.

  • Mobile-friendly

Today, around 70% of online traffic on websites comes through mobile phones and tablets. And to back this figure with another one, 60% of the users say that they won’t visit a website for the second time if the Website is poorly designed and not mobile-friendly. We assume that’s enough to convince you to get a mobile-optimized website launched because Google also ranks mobile Websites higher in its SERPs.

  • Security

Data infringements and hacked buyer information have been prominent topics of debate lately. And your website visitors understand this. So if your website has spaces where a visitor needs to fill in any information, as little as an email address, it needs to be secure. Plus, once again, you can only win the heart of Google and rank higher on SERPs only if your website is secure.

  • Dynamic Website

Considering that the consumers of today are very savvy and always short on time, your website needs to be dynamic enough that it loads in under three seconds. If not, unfortunately, 50% of the visitors will abandon you and drive towards your competitor’s website. So yes, the competition here is of just a few seconds, making it a do or decline situation; where a delay can cause a reduction in conversions by 10%.

  • Optimal User Experience

Ensure that your website’s product pages load fast because visitors usually form an opinion in 0.5 seconds. Yes, that’s too quick. But to meet their expectations of finding information smoothly and quickly, especially when they’re searching through a mobile phone, you need to ensure optimal user experience.

The Web Design & Development Process

For Xcentric, providing Web Development Services is simplistic. Firstly, the process begins with us interrogating; 

  • Why you want the website made?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How often will you use the website?

Next, with the understanding of website objectives, target audience, and users, Xcentric selects the best technology to support clients across the full spectrum of browsers and devices.

Web Design and Development ServicesWhy Xcentric for Website Development Services?

We, Xcentric Services, are leading Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan. Our development team crucially follows the agile development methodology. It is a method whereby solutions are developed by collaborating with the self-organizing teams with cross-functional teams. Following this approach, our team can deliver small deliverables to the client in short delivery cycles of two to four weeks, which are called Sprints. All while making the client an active participant and member of the Project team at our Web Development Company in Lahore. Moreover, Scrum check-ins keep clients informed about and mostly glad about how their website is progressing. Additionally, they also keep designers adapting to change in real-time. Therefore, no one has to struggle to undo or re-do a whole work task.

The result is a development product or project that best meets the client’s needs and with minimal costs, waste, and time incurred. Thus, enabling both; Xcentric and its clients to achieve bottom-line gains earlier than via conventional approaches.

Find out how we can put web design and development solutions like these to work for you.