Video Marketing-Why do video marketers fail to gain?

Video Marketing-Why do video marketers fail to gain?

Video marketing is the ultimate spectacle of the inbound marketing world. Its ability as customer traction tool is immensely strong giving it a massive potential ROI capability.

Having said that, a tool with such an impact can go both ways; it either makes or breaks a brand. Most of the consumers are likely to form a negative image about any brand owing to poor video campaigns. The reason is of course in its impact but what of the reason for the poor video content production? The cheap soft wares and cutting edge mobile cameras have facilitated a great many amateur video makers to create content that is poorly devised and distributed.

So what are the core factors that affect the quality of the video content what can be done apart from outsourcing a professional agency for the purpose?

Realizing VM’s Potential

To begin with, most marketers view video Marketing as just an awareness tool and therefore only capable of performing functions at the top of the funnel. This is a misconception usually made by professionals who fail to understand the convincing prowess of video. It can easily be used to squeeze a deal to the middle and even close it. So going ahead and using ones creative flair through this medium can help attain more business.

Developing the right content

Another common practice ruining the video content out there is baiting audiences with flashy content, irritating slogans and numerous inaccurate descriptions all for the name of hard selling.
Misrepresenting yourself or over expressing yourself will never do any good to your campaign.
Instead look for ways to connect with a hyper aware audience that can easily discern who is really providing value and who is only there to lure. Not only are the audience very smart today but also lack concentration. So don’t expect them to make an effort to actualise with you brand instead do it for them. Devise content that is subtle and relatable to your audience, content that breaks through the clutter and grabs their attention without the unnecessary flash.

Video Distribution

Distributing you video the right way is typically not seen as another important aspect of video marketing. Most of us think publishing videos on your page and YouTube is enough. This is a negation of so many other channels target audiences frequently use. Channels like Vimeo, Skype, slide share and LinkedIn to name a few. An easy way to develop a cross channel video strategy is to outsource it to distribution partners like Outbrain or Taboola.

Using SEO For Video Marketing

The last reason is a very big one and that is missing out on SEO. Search engines require written information to crawl and figure out what your video content includes. Because of the fact that video text is very short you have to be very strategic.
Use closed captions and keywords to develop get more crawlers on your videos. Sign up to platforms like google analytics to gain even more insight on how to gain more views.