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Top WordPress Web Development Trends

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Top WordPress Web Development Trends

Whenever we talk about web development, we all know that WordPress is king. It is said that 27% of the internet is covered by WordPress and top brands use it.

WordPress is a user-friendly development interface that makes it easy for a rookie administrator to make small updates to the website, such as changing text and sharing blog posts. All WordPress websites are also mobile and SEO-friendly.

WordPress trends are almost the same just like other web development trends, some additional features are added to it but with time and need. WordPress launched version 4.8 last year which added new improved widgets to share images, audios, and videos on your website. On the advanced development site, the update added the ability to perform multi-site updates and improved its text editor. If you are looking for some web development help, Xcentric Services is Web design company in Pakistan, deals with all types of web development.

Everybody is in a race and everybody wants to follow the latest WordPress trends so that they can also continue to deliver amazing websites.

New WordPress Features and Improvements

WordPress 4.9 is already in beta and is expected to be released soon. This version includes fixes and improvements to the 4.8 release. Users are expecting to see more improvements in editing code and managing different themes plus easier customizations. These improvements will help developers in addition to website administrators. Once we create a website, we want to empower our clients to make website changes on their own as their business grows.

Drag-and-Drop WordPress Themes

WordPress calls itself as user-friendly and they are offering themes that can be simple to complex at various price points. Last year rise was observed in the number of such themes, which allowed users to create and customize websites without writing any code for the theme. Such themes are very easy to use for both web developers and non-coders as well. Let’s see some of the examples of drag and drop WordPress themes:


It is a graceful, visually stunning responsive theme that’s flexible and easy to customize.


It is a drag and drop builder that features 54 elements to completely customize your website with ease.


It is an easy-to-use, responsive, and fast-loading theme that’s great for beginners!

WordPress Video Headers

There is no secret that video is dominating web design in 2018. Video headers and backgrounds are not new, but they are becoming a trend in the web design world. WordPress usually makes it easy to get on board with these trends by offering more themes that feature video headers.

Virtual Reality WordPress Plugins

Web developers and designers on on-pace to start including virtual reality and augmented reality in web designs. WordPress totally supports virtual reality as well as 360° videos and images also. There are several plugins already available. Let’s see how many more WordPress websites make use of such content this year.

Enhanced Ecommerce websites make up a large portion of WordPress websites with Woo Commerce being the most popular plugin by far. Other e-commerce platforms such as PayPal and Google Checkout integrate easily with WordPress as well, making it a popular choice for online stores. E-commerce trends such as mobile shopping, subscription-based services, and personalized shopping are easily addressed by WordPress in its newer e-commerce themes:


It offers a ton of choices to enhance your online store. Moreover, it also offers plenty of customizable shop models and shortcuts for features related to store-like pricing plans. It is responsive and incorporates Woo Commerce.


Called as Ultimate Theme and Visual Page creator and it is true as well. This is a completely customizable theme for any website, but it is particularly useful for e-commerce websites. It adds glossy product pages and it is fully responsive, active, and combines with Woo Commerce.


It includes powerful e-commerce features such as a one-click demo importer, product filter widgets, and plenty of options to customize your online store.

Web Design Company Pakistan Xcentric Services looks forward to helping its clients regarding web development issues and assembled a team of professional web designers to perform such tasks. So that our clients will get satisfied.