8 Instagram Marketing Tips from an Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram Marketing Agency

8 Instagram Marketing Tips from an Instagram Marketing Agency

Are you thinking of getting on board with an Instagram Marketing Agency in Pakistan to up your Instagram-ing game, reach your target audience, and increase online conversion rates? Congratulations, you are in the right place!

Now it is the right time to leverage on opportunities, further your branding, and set your brand apart in competition. Do you know which social media platform needs more focus? Unquestionably, it does seem like Facebook is the social giant. BUT, there is somewhere else where businesses get equal opportunities. And that’s – INSTAGRAM!

Instagram is a visual-centric social media platform that is swiftly growing ahead of Facebook when it comes to engagement. Plus, according to stats, it boasts billions of active monthly users, and because of this, businesses on Instagram win more interactions. Are you not sure about how to leverage Instagram Marketing and make your marketing efforts pay off? We, being an Instagram Marketing Company, have the expertise to improve your branding on Instagram. Here are a few tips and tweaks that we swear on to get our clients the best results!

1. Branding – What an Instagram Marketing Agency focuses on?

Be Yourself – Isn’t it what we all learned in Kindergarten? Even though we are now in 2020, it is still true. Being on social media platforms is all about nurturing relationships with the target audience and fostering engagement.

Hence, when we post on behalf of our clients being a Social Media Marketing Company, we avoid exaggerating things. An un-natural tone puts off Instagram users, which is why we focus on showing the humans behind the brand through the tone we use, and the visuals we post.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

2. Cohesive Message Sharing

Our social media managers make sure that every post that goes live on Instagram represents our client. They convey as much of the client’s message as they can with the visuals they use. Moreover, they also try choosing the same filter for every post, to maintain consistency, all while keeping the captions catchy, short, and engaging.

3. Hashtags – The Charmers

Ever seen someone who has mastered the art of using Hashtags? Our social media team at Xcentric Services knows the art of using Hashtags in unique ways. At first, they begin with creating Hashtags that complement a client’s branding. Next, they put in their best effort and use them to build brand awareness.

However, that’s not only about it. Our team of Insta-experts also picks out some Hashtags that are trending in the industry the client belongs to. These trending ones are used along with the client’s branding Hashtags, in their bio, and the posts to grow an audience base. And undoubtedly, being an Instagram Influencer Agency, we’ve found this one of the most influential methods to grow an audience base.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the most famous people on Instagram – All because of their infinite followers who trust them with every purchase. Though precisely, it is very identical to the traditional marketing method, where recommendations came from celebrities, friends, and family.

However, today, we suggest every client – Get an influencer on board. Honestly, they are the key to increase your follower count, generate quality leads, and boost online sales. And if you are worried about who will find you an influencer, leave it on us!

Our team will do the homework of finding the right influencer for every client. Once they find one, we approach the influencer with a proposal. And when they show interest in our proposal, we discuss the campaign with them in detail; from the content to the Hashtags and everything in between.

5. Calls-to-Actions

Instagram posts with clear CTAs simplify the journey for customers. Hence, our major focus is on keeping them short and actionable. For instance’ Shop Now and Buy Now are one of the high-performing CTAs that we use for most of our clients.

Though along with this, we also make sure that whatever the CTA promises is delivered. It’s a strict NO from us to CTAs that only sound great and are just a sales pitch that makes customers feel tricked.

6. Embracing Mobility

Instagram is a social platform that requires you to have an up and running online web store. Imagine putting in the best efforts and publishing an Instagram post but still losing the audience? The only thing going wrong here is you not having a mobile-friendly website. Sounds worrisome, right?

Well, being a Web Development Company too along with an Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency, we’ve got your back. Our team will test your website’s pages, visuals, and every link to make it mobile-friendly.

7. Using Content Calendars

To make sure that there is variety in the content that goes live on our client’s Instagram page, we prefer planning out a content calendar. From recent industry updates to motivational quotes, user-generated pictures, and blogs, we get them the best of every world.

We understand that getting too sales-heavy puts off the audience. Hence, we create a mix when providing Social Media Marketing Services. And a content calendar helps us make sure that we aren’t going far away from being relevant and are connected to the target audience.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

8. Retargeting Campaigns

Usually, customers might come and visit your online web store. But then, for any reason, they might click away and you lose them. Ever thought of what’s the solution to stop them from falling through this crack? Xcentric Services has the solution – Retargeting!

When clients come to us with such a problem, we create Instagram Ads that re-targets all those visitors lost. We segment them as a custom audience and target such Ads that they can’t ignore. Thus, driving them to the client’s online web store.

Why Hire an Instagram Marketing Agency?                              

Hiring an Instagram Marketing Company sounds like the best option for those who want guaranteed success on Instagram. Not only such agencies are experienced in building engaging profiles, but they also have the expertise to use the best Hashtags and build followers.

We are a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency that can help you ramp up your time and boost your ROI faster than you can do it yourself. So why not let us employ Instagram Marketing strategies wisely while you sit back and handle other tasks? Just get in touch with us and see how we grow your Instagram profile, drive traffic to your online web store, and boost online conversions!

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