Rubab Zaidi - Owner, CEO,Founder Xcentric Services

Rubab Zaidi


Rubab Zaidi heads the dynamic and highly ambitious team at Xcentric. She’s drawing upon her experience leading and executing projects. Consequently, ERP, Social, Digital and E-Commerce being her area of expertise for many years across Asia, Middle-East and US region.

Her passion lies in finding a way for her team to combine their desire for innovation and creativity. Hence, the pragmatism is always a plus to deliver high-quality short- and long-term results.

Undoubtedly, Rubab has been successfully able to contribute to the Xcentric ‘s major client wins, ever since its inception. Nonetheless, in her current role, Rubab’s responsibilities include business development. Not to forget, she is supporting Xcentric’s global operations in mission-critical projects. 

Prior to launching Xcentric, Rubab’s multi-career background, brings a solid business perspective. Alongside her phenomenal coaching and learning expertise. It’s this diverse experience across verticals and within large and entrepreneurial organizations, that drives her consultative solutions approach, helping teams realize their potential.




Her belief and Xcentric‘s focus on individuality creates a unique trifecta environment. An environment, where people can unleash their personal and professional passions in an atmosphere of respect and inclusion. This habitat leads to the powerful solutions that drive performance and innovation. Hence, keeping Xcentric at the forefront of marketing technology innovations. The belief that technology can help brands deliver better services and experiences to their audience. Moreover that doing so drives profitable relationships, has been the driving force of Xcentric.
Primarily, she focuses on fostering a thriving business relationship and making a meaningful difference in the brands’ bottom lines.

In particular, its interesting to see her form those thoughts and theories of a customer’s journey and the way Xcentric puts these theories and principles into action with savvy tech capabilities. Mobilizing the customer, requires a sophisticated combination of strategy, data analysis and relevant ideas, using technology to impact successfully. That’s the methodology we use at Xcentric.
When she’s not found chatting over phone, writing emails, or sipping  coffee, she is working too hard to make Xcentric Services, as well as her clients stand out.