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Use YouTube Marketing to build your Brand

Use YouTube Marketing to build your Brand

YouTube is a social media platform that has emerged as one of the most popular ones among Millenials and Gen Z - The leads of this era. Today, much flourishing business and reputable brands use it to increase their revenues and generate leads. Because it’s...

6 Actions to take to react to Coronavirus through your Digital Marketing Strategies

6 Actions to take to react to Coronavirus through your Digital Marketing Strategies

Amid the pandemic, businesses have either already been influenced, or will be in some way by COVID-19. Hence, they are striving to measure the impact it may have on their Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan, and for that reason, Xcentric Services is here to help...


How can you use Snapchat to make your digital marketing strategy a whole?

Teenagers are all about Snapchat these days, taking pictures and socializing in real-time. With about 3 million snaps a day, snapchat is rapidly making its name. Marketers are of the view that your Digital Marketing Strategy is incomplete without Snapchat Marketing Services especially in 2019. There...

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Snapchat or Instagram: Who is Small Business’s new Best Friend?

As photo sharing has become the new cool of 2019, apps like Snapchat and Instagram tends to dominate the Digital Marketing Services platforms. Everyone, especially youngsters are out there wanting to share their daily activities in real-time with just a tap of the camera. Social Media...

YouTube Marketing Snapchat Marketing and Instagram Marketing Digital marketing PPC marketing Facebook Marketing

Steps to strategize YouTube Marketing

The idea of diving in YouTube Marketing must be thrilling but at the same time, it can turn out to be a nightmare too, given today’s competitive market. There are over 500 million YouTube content creators across the globe. So, if you have plans of...

Optimize Video Ads for Mobile App development in lahore

How to Optimize Video Ads for Mobile?

It is not surprising that a person’s curiosity gets the better of him when he is exposed to moving objects and people. Similarly, an Optimize Video Ads gets more attention and social media users tend to fixate more on videos than still images. When people...

Product Launch Ideas 2019

Must Try Product Launch Ideas in 2019

With the evolving Digital Marketing Services, you can see more and more ways of coming with a BANG with your product launch. Your audience’s anticipation is what you are playing with. Ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back? That’s the...

social media for small businesses

Why Social Media Presence is a MUST for Small Businesses

You are a student in town, wanting quick access to the most famous group of High school. You choose the hottest and most famous fellow for the prom night. Similarly, if you are looking to spread your wings as a small business, social media for...


Why do websites need SSL and HTTPS?

Ever since Google’s last year’s announcement about marking all the websites ‘insecure’ which don't have an SSL certificate, people are more and more inclined to get the certificate so to avoid being tagged. Web developers providing Web Development Services suggest that these identifiers are a...

Paid advertisement

Did you know the Paid advertisement is the new choice of leading brands?

As one of Newton’s infamous laws, “Every action has an equal and or opposite Reaction”. Paid advertisement too has a reaction when connecting with your target market. It’s a simple technique, the more attention you want for your brand, the more smartly you pay for...