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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Consumers

Why Investing In Social Media Marketing For Business Is Important

In marketing terms, the benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business can be defined in countless ways. Why? Because social media platforms are often evaluated by savvy marketers from many perspectives. For instance, if you have an online web store, your goal might be to...

social media marketing services in Pakistan

Why Are Our Social Media Marketing Services In Pakistan Important?

As 2020 nears the end, social media platforms have grown big into influential and essential virtual spaces. The platforms are not only being used for social networking, but savvy marketers are also using them for Digital Marketing. We, at Xcentric Services, have also joined the...

How to use Facebook tools to boost your Online Sales

How to use Facebook tools to boost your Online Sales?

Growing presence on Facebook is easier said than done. And if you're a savvy marketer, you won't think for a second before agreeing to this, because after all, Facebook's algorithm is consistently tossing balls at businesses attempting to figure out how to influence customers while...

Benefits of Building Facebook Store with Magento Web Store

Benefits of Building Facebook Store with Magento Web Store

Currently, Facebook has higher than 2.44 billion users globally and is verified to be one of the most immeasurable Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan platform for trading and developing a business digitally, in this tech-driven era. Hence, the reason savvy marketers have started noticing...

Android 10 version

The new Android 10 version makes life easier for Digital Marketers

The entire world is going crazy after Google's announcement of naming the 10th version of android as an Android 10 version rather than Android Q. Surprisingly, it has piqued the interest of Digital Marketers too, prying all the latest trends, Digital Marketing Services, and transitions faced at...

Marketing Blunders

Marketing Blunders that can Ruin Your Profits

While a smart marketing strategy can bring a new boom to your business, any bumps and blunders along those lines can be proven irrevocable.  And perhaps, your Online Reputation Management strategy has a direct impact on your business’s reputation, its customers, and subsequently its profits....