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Shopify vs. Amazon FBA - What’s better for your business in 2020

Shopify vs. Amazon FBA: What’s better for your business in 2020?

Shopify vs. Amazon is considered as one of the most well-known competitions of all time in the E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan market. The pair of E-Commerce opponents target millions of retailers and shoppers. Some extensive and essential variations make one competitor to another. In this...

5 Product Description Mistakes That Drive Buyers Away

5 Product Description Mistakes That Drive Buyers Away

Here’s how Apple defines its newest MacBook Pro - Designed for those who challenge limits and change the world. Wow. That’s a great description. That’s a damn great description! Who wouldn’t want to challenge limits and change the world? Everybody. And that’s the reason why you shouldn’t undervalue...

Why do you need a Magento Web Store

Why do you need a Magento Web Store?

An E-Commerce Website is what makes your customers loyal to you, rather than your products and services. So if you’re a business planning to go online, you need to choose a platform. Keeping in mind the ever-evolving technologies. Though before we begin, let’s acknowledge that...

E-Commerce Product Catalog

E-Commerce Product Catalog Management: 8 Best Practices

Assuming that you're an E-Commerce business, Xcentric Services wants to know that how do you confirm that your products are convenient online, trusted by your web store's visitors, and transform into sales favorably? Usually, this comes down to practical E-Commerce product catalog management, after you've...

Online Shopping

A Guide to Safe Online Shopping during COVID-19 times

Many buyers are considering online stores over brick-and-mortar businesses for online shopping. More than 60% of customers in Pakistan now buy online once a month, dropping behind long-drawn checkout queues and crowded parking areas. This is particularly true for the Millenials and Gen Z, who...