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How to use Facebook tools to boost your Online Sales

How to use Facebook tools to boost your Online Sales?

Growing presence on Facebook is easier said than done. And if you're a savvy marketer, you won't think for a second before agreeing to this, because after all, Facebook's algorithm is consistently tossing balls at businesses attempting to figure out how to influence customers while...

Instagram Stories

5 Ways how we can use Instagram Stories to sell fast

An engaged and happy audience contributes a lot to a business’s revenue. So you won’t be surprised if we said that; Satisfied Customers = Successful Business. However, if you wish to improve your business, knowing your customers’ opinions about your products and services is essential....

Social Media

Social Media; The fuel to innovating a new World

Social Media started with My Space, up until in the 20th century when Facebook and Instagram came in hitting big. Fast forward to 2020, where the Millenials and Gen Z are Hashtag-ing and Streaking, on Social Media, like no body’s business. Feels Oh so Nostalgic...

Speaking Loudly or Speaking Visually in 2020

How Xcentric can help you Speak Loudly and Visually in 2020?

Remember those times when status updates and searches in the form of text were breaking the Digital Marketing Trend grounds? The trend was somewhat alive at the beginning of 2019 but proved to be a passing trend by the end of it. The reason behind...

Competitive Analysis on Social Media

5 Tips for you to slay your Competitive Analysis on Social Media

Succeeding on Social Media dares smart decision making, and that means Social Media Marketing in Pakistan is much more than just hoarding competitor names on your bulletin board. The real catch is to walk toe-in-toe with businesses in your industry. Be the Sherlock for your business and...

Facebook and Instagram

3 Ways Facebook and Instagram can change your Brand Image

Rewind to the launching year of Facebook and Instagram. Many of us didn’t even know what they were, let alone thinking of them as social media giants changing our way of creating brand image in the coming years. While some thought of it as a...


Top Trends For Social Media Content In Pakistan 2021

We’re living in an age of Big Data, which has taken the shape of Infographics - One of the leading forms of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. Presently, if your brand isn’t winning any advantage by the use of visuals, you’re certainly going to fall behind in...

Social Media Marketing Tools

Best Social Media Marketing tools to grow your Social Channels

Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan is an ever-changing game. It would be of no surprise for you if we said that with each year passing by, new tools and tactics are added up to the list of these game-changers. However, with updating tricks and...

Social Media Marketing Metrics

4 Social Media Marketing Metrics that are very important to track

Defining your Social Media Analytics approach is very important in this tech-driven world. Social Media Marketing Metrics are the life-saving heroes of every SMM strategy, determining if your goals for Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and other Social Platforms are hitting the right spot or not....

Social Media and Social Networking

Factors that differentiate Social Media from Social Networking

By the end of the ’20s, Digital Marketing in Pakistan has gained a fair share of fame. But at this point, people have started using both terms Social Media and Social Networking, interchangeably. These tools allow brands and entrepreneurs to reach out to their target...