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Basics Of Microsoft SQL Server And Security Features

Microsoft SQL Servers serve users in many ways regarding data management. It is not wrong to say that Microsoft provide best and most secure SQL Servers.

The SQL Servers launched by the Microsoft are relational database management system shortly called RDBMS and this allows the users to perform variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytical tasks in the database work environment. In the market there are many data management solutions but Microsoft stand on the top of the competition in race with IBM and Oracle database. If you are also an IT Professional and face issues regarding Data Management you are welcome to visit Xcentric Services website store to get the best Data Management Solutions and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices. Xcentric Services is partners with the Microsoft and sell all their original products in Pakistan. Moreover, you can also check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Xcentric Services and our services offer you to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 customized according to your business.

Just like other Relational Data Base Management System applications, Microsoft SQL Server is created on the top of SQL with a standard programming language that helps the database administrators DBAs and other information technology professionals to manage databases and then query the data that they contain their database.

The original or you can say that the first SQL Server code was created in the 1980s by the former Sybase, which is now maintained by SAP. Sybase basically built the software to run on UNIX operating systems and minicomputer platforms. After that Microsoft, SAP and Ashton-Tate Corporation, then started working together to create a best database management system for the users. The team created the first version of relational database management system which became the first Microsoft SQL Server ever as well. It was designed for the operating system OS/2 and its release was made in 1989.

Now we will go through the major security features of the Microsoft SQL Server.

The advanced security features which are supported in all the editions of Microsoft SQL Server starting with SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1 include three new technologies that are added to the 2016 release. The server is always encrypted, which allows the user to update his encrypted data without decrypting it first. Row level security which allows the data access control from the row level in database tables and also the dynamic data masking. The dynamic data masking helps to automatically hide components of sensitive data from users that lack the full or sufficient access privileges.

Another prominent SQL Server security feature helps in transparent data encryption. With the help of the feature you can encrypt data files in databases and proper auditing process can be followed. This all helps in collect the detailed information of the database usage for reporting on monitoring compliance. Microsoft SQL Server also supports the Transport Layer Security protocol which helps in securing the communications between SQL Server clients and database servers.

Most of these tools and other features in Microsoft SQL Servers are also supported in Azure SQL Database. Azure SQL is actually a cloud database service built on the basics of SQL Server Database Engine. The users can run SQL Server directly on Azure as well but for that the user has to experience the technology known as SQL Server on Azure Machines. Then it configures the data base management system in to the windows server virtual machines that should be running on Azure. The virtual machine contribution is optimized for migrating and extending on premises SQL Server applications to the cloud, while the Azure SQL Database is specially designed for use in new cloud based applications.

This was a brief introduction of the basics of the SQL Server and some of its security features. Now if you are making up your mind to get your data secured by the Microsoft SQL Server. Get to the Xcentric Services website and get the best Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.