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Getting Social Media Marketing Services is an ideal way to promote your business. It is free, easy, and often fun. However, the only problem is that it is overwhelming and unwieldy. Plus, it can be complex to track its results. Many great Social Media Managers adequately explain the various networks and how to use them. Unfortunately, they are not very good at explaining how to make a daily social media plan.

Here, at Xcentric, we make an effective plan without taking too much time by setting up SMM goals that align with your business objectives. Our objective is S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

To engage users effectively, brands need to participate organically in the conversations that matter to users most. We help brands use owned, earned, and paid media to captivate people, reinvent themselves, and create a strong user base. 

Even if you do not use social media, there is a high probability that your customers and clients do.

While most social networks are free of charge, creating and building a brand-consistent presence across them is critical to online success.

Xcentric’s Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan can help you better understand the tools available, benefits of the different networks, and assist you in planning and executing your social media strategy accordingly.

  • Target Your Audience 

When you join a social networking site, you get access to your customers’ profiles, which contains valuable information about their wants and needs as consumers. Many networks also allow you to target specific demographics.

  • Communicate with Customers

At the heart of every social networking is communication. Social networking will enable your brand to develop a two-way connection with your customers. Unlike traditional forms of marketing focusing on one-way communications, this connection will give you greater insight into customer perceptions, satisfaction, and needs.

  • Promote Brand Loyalty

Creating a group for your company on a social networking site allows group members to view your promotional photos and gain information about the company. Your business name will also show up in the Likes and Pages sections of users’ profiles, essentially providing free advertising. The more exposure and interaction users have with your company, the more attached they will become with your brand.

  • Publicize Promotional Events

By utilizing the Events feature on social networking sites, you can create, publicize, and invite contacts to promotional events. When people RSVP to a Facebook event, the News Feed will notify their attendance, which their friends will see.

  • Increase Brand Visibility

Usually, the difference between winning and losing is clearly showing up. Creating and maintaining active social network profiles increases the chance that a potential customer will discover your brand. Hence, creating a profile for your company on various social networking sites is essential; to build your online presence and expose more people to your brand. Some of the websites we recommend enable contacts to become fans of your company. Thus, causing your company’s name and logo to appear on their profile.

  • Drive Website Traffic

While communication is at the heart of all social networking, it is the factor that gives you an opportunity to entice customers to visit your website. By posting links, offering incentives, and generally creating topics of interest, you can drive more customers to your website and take them one step closer to making a purchase.

  • Gauge Customer Interest

Because the customers you interact with on social networking sites are often your most loyal and engaged customers, they tend to be happy to offer advice. Customers’ willingness to help provides you the opportunity to conduct informal research on customer interest in new products and services. You will gain insights that help in improving them; All while making your customers feel valued and appreciative of your candid communication.

Why do YOU need Social Media Marketing Services?

As a powerful tool of communication, social media enabled businesses to reach their audience where they are, also defining their brands and growing their customer base. If done precisely, SMM can increase the usefulness of advertisements. Though if you’re not convinced yet, here are some pointers of why your business needs the social power;

  • The target audience is on Social Media

Regardless of your business industry, your target audience uses Social Media every day, religiously. Hence, it is imperative to retain, involve, and connect them with your brand. Thus, making sure that you become their forever-first choice.

  • Every business needs proficient Social Media Management

Our team at Xcentric is certified and experienced in Social Media Management. Hence, assuring accomplished Marketing Goals with our assistance; Considering that most of the businesses do not find the time to manage Social Media Channels on their own.

  • People search for your Brand on Social Channels

Being a company ourself, we’re sure that people talk about one if it falls in the arena of companies offering product and services which they need. With SMM Services, you can advance your business and join the discussion to generate leads.

  • Keeping an eye on what Customers talk about YOU

Keenly observing and paying attention to what your customers are talking about you is essential. And along with that, responding to their concerns is a MUST. With Xcentric’s services and efforts of handling your Social Media, you can highlight the positive aspect of what your brand offers and respond to the negative reviews; in a way that doesn’t picture you as the bad guy.

Xcentric Approach 

We view social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat as more than a place to engage with consumers. The wide-ranging personalization tools allow Xcentric to target the audiences that a brand needs and desires with Social Media Marketing Services. When clubbed with our understanding of what a brand’s target audience is looking for, we can deliver the right messaging on the right platform; At the right time of the day and the week to increase Customer Engagement. Nonetheless, we go beyond just placing the ads.

Our approach optimizes campaigns in real-time by building a widespread testing agenda that evaluates how vital messages are resonating across platforms. This tracking doesn’t just include social engagement; we track against KPI’s that tie directly back to a brand’s business goals to deliver real results.

Our Process

Social Media Marketing Services

As an initial step in developing a paid social strategy, we gain an understanding of who the brand wants to focus on, its business goals, and what platforms does the brand utilizes, currently. We use those various data points to develop a vigorous audience persona; helping us create further customer profile look-alikes. Plus, giving us an understanding of what messages to send, when, and where.

These customer personas also form the content strategy for campaigns. Because users interact with each social platform differently, we craft content that aligns with each platform’s role and Ad format; whether it’s a photo, video, carousel, story, link, filter, dynamic, or canvas ad. The one-size-fits-all approach to content will not produce successful results in today’s social landscape, and brands trust on Xcentric – A Social Media Marketing Agency, to keep their content relevant and impactful across all platforms.

Once the campaign starts, we implement our testing strategy, optimize in real-time, and shift dollars between Ads and platforms as we see them performing well, and attained KPI’s.

Testing covers performance by platform, audience, ad type, device, and flighting; giving us a robust picture of a brand’s campaign performance. The reporting includes insights on the performance of each parameter as well; conferring transparency to the brand on our digital spend in the form of a daily report.

Find out how we can put digital marketing solutions like these to work for you.