Social Media Marketing Statistics to Increase Online Sales

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Marketing Statistics to Increase Online Sales

Considering Social Media Marketing statistics is a way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Social Media Platforms. Being a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan, to ensure the success of our Digital Services and to understand the buying behaviour of online customers, we relate to Digital Media in Pakistan statistics because they are essential for creating a stable and strategic campaign.

Usually, we come across brands that truly understand how our Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan can benefit them. Well, this is a great start, but also an unusually broad and somewhat unclear statement. Precisely, details are what we focus on to boost your online sales with our Marketing Services.

Hence, with a shut-eye, you can consider it essential to strategize an effective campaign that promises driven results. However, even though having this knowledge is necessary before you tap into the world of Online Marketing in Pakistan, the social media world can get a bit overwhelming to handle, which is why Xcentric Services is here to help!

This article by us is a compilation of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan statistics that we keep an eye on while helping our clients get in shape by optimizing their Online Advertising in Pakistan campaigns for success. And to make understanding everything easier for you, we have divided the Social Media Marketing Lahore statistics into several categories.

Plus, we will also enlighten how we leverage the information we get from the statistics to optimize your Digital Media Marketing campaigns to increase your online sales. So let’s get through before it’s too late to turn towards the digital world!

What do the general Social Media statistics highlight?

Understanding how much Social Media is consumed in general is essential, which is why before we begin strategizing marketing campaigns for our client, we go through the statistics. Lately, these are the statistics we came across and considered;

  • In Pakistan, the total number of active social media users is around 37 as of 2020. Thus, showing a 7% increase in social media users, as compared to 2019.
  • In 2019, average social media users spent 2 hours and 30 minutes of their day on multiple social channels.
  • By the end of 2019, 50% of Baby Boomers, 91% of the Millennials, and 75% of Gen X-ers were active users of social media.
  • Usually, a Millennial spends 2 hours and 40 minutes of a day scrolling through social media, while the Gen Z stays logged in for 3 hours daily, having a higher average of daily usage.
  • Facebook Marketing Pakistan that targets teens is less effective because they have reduced using the social app. Around 70% of them say that they use other platforms like YouTube Marketing Services, Snapchat Marketing, and Tik Tok.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media and Online Buyer Behaviour – The Statistics

Being on social media is all about long-term growth and relation-nurturing opportunities. Hence, we at Xcentric Services leverage social channels to better connect our clients with their target audience online.

However, social media platforms are not all about helping you sell directly to your online customers. With that being said, we still believe the fact that social media boasts exceptional qualities that drive sales. Though if you are still not convinced, we’ve got you covered with some statistics to help you understand how we take advantage of these and optimize campaigns. 

  • 60% of people that browse through social media platforms are researching for products that they intend to purchase. Hence, when we provide Social Media Management Services, we make sure that your products and services are regularly featured on the appropriate social channel.
  • 30% of internet users claim that they find new products through Ads on social media. Thus proving that our Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan are legitimate and help boost the reach that connects our clients with their new online customers.
  • 55% of online customers discover brands on social feeds. Hence, our Social Media Managers at Xcentric Services make sure that your content is optimized for SEO Services in Lahore, with relevant hashtags and boosted posts that hit huge.
  • 15% of social media users state that CTAs like the BUY button increases the possibility of them buying the products. Considering this psychology and practicality, when we provide Instagram Marketing Services, we prefer putting up shoppable posts on our client’s Instagram handle.
  • 85% of the online viewers who watch YouTube videos amid their online shopping journey watched the video early on too. Hence, the conclusion – YouTube Marketing in Pakistan is a proven way to trigger brand discoveries and target an online audience in the sales funnel.

Video Advertising on Social Media

There is no doubt about the fact that video is an incredibly prominent part of Digital Marketing in Pakistan. Though still, many brands are reluctant to invest in video advertising. Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we understand that creating videos takes longer than clicking a picture or just making an announcement. Hence, when you choose Xcentric Services to get Social Media Marketing Services, everything gets covered under one roof. You name it, and we cover it all; from Branding and Graphic Design Services to some amazing Facebook Marketing Packages in Karachi, and much more. We use plenty of tools to create eye-catchy and engaging videos for our clients. Though if you still do not want to gear up your social channels with videos, go through these statistics;

  • 80% of social media users watch online videos at least twice every day.
  • Video Ads on social media will account for one-third of social spending by the end of 2020.
  • On Instagram, video Ads drive more engagement as compared to static images. For instance, if the average engagement rate on a video is 5%, a simple post gets only 2% of it.
  • 80% of videos on Facebook are seen without sounds, and these trends on other social platforms too. Hence, when we create Video Ads for our clients, we make sure to add closed captions and subtitles.

Why get Social Media Marketing Services by Xcentric?

Social Media Advertising can be very productive and high-performing. However, managing it all on your own and juggling between different channels can be overwhelming. So why not let professionals at Xcentric Services handle what they know the best – Digital Marketing Services in Lahore. Though we know, before you trust us with shut-eye, you need to understand what we do and how. And for that, aside from the statistics we have covered before, these are the Social Media Advertising statistics that we consider for optimizing our client’s marketing campaigns;

  • Talking about B2B businesses, on LinkedIn, the cost per leads is 30% less than that of Google Ads. Hence, being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we build on its incredible targeting capabilities.
  • 60% of social media users in state that they are more interested in brands on Facebook. Hence, we consider it an essential platform; when we are in the process of putting the brand in front of the target audience online.
  • Ads spend on Instagram is 25% higher than that on Facebook. Hence, overall, we prioritize Instagram Marketing for our clients.


Undoubtedly, Social Media Marketing has always proven to be beneficial for every brand and business in this era. However, it is also a bit complex for those who are new to this social world or are struggling with Magento E-Commerce Website DevelopmentSEO Services, or some other tech task. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you out with everything and anything.

Being one of the best Social Media Marketing Companies, we offer some amazing and affordable Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan ensuring best-optimized results. Our team understands how we can use every social media channel at different stages of the sales funnel. Hence, they make sure that your content is what the target audience wants to see and interact with.

So, are you ready to get Digital Marketing Services, Professional SEO Services, and invest in Facebook Marketing Packages? Hire Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Company TODAY!

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