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Snapchat or Instagram: Who is Small Business’s new Best Friend?

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Snapchat or Instagram: Who is Small Business’s new Best Friend?

As photo sharing has become the new cool of 2019, apps like Snapchat and Instagram tends to dominate the Digital Marketing Services platforms. Everyone, especially youngsters are out there wanting to share their daily activities in real-time with just a tap of the camera.

Social Media Marketing these days is all about disappearing photo stories, adding filters and captions, a couple of GIFs is just another plus point making millions of people love Instagram and Snapchat. The two amazingly interactive platforms draw in specific demographics. Both are good, both are preferred, then you might ask the most pinning question, which platform will suit your brand more than the other. Is Snapchat Marketing a better way to go about it or Instagram Marketing?

Generally, we wouldn’t look at the pros and cons while making a friend, but when a business is all about profit and loss, looking at the pros and cons is the smart thing to do. So let’s quickly go through what both apps have to offer to decide your brand’s new best friend.

Do they use Snapchat or do they use Instagram?

Instagram’s latest achievement is reaching 300 million users using only Instagram stories, while Snapchat, too, is nowhere near slowing, having 300 million active users on average, every month. People normally misunderstand the platforms as identical but in reality, both are different in more than one of the ways.

  • Snapchat Demographics

While 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years and 45% of them are between the ages of 18 – 24 years old. 70% of the users turn out to be females across the globe and if we talk strictly about the college students, 50% of the boys use Snapchat while 77% of college girls are daily Snapchat users.

  • Instagram Demographics

While 59% of Instagram users are between 18 and 19 years, 33% belong to the category of users aged between 30 and 49 years. And 68% of Instagram users are females.

This is not the only area where they differ. There is a contrast in growth between both stories. Before the stories, Instagram as a whole had a stronger user presence.

Similar yet different Advertising features and functionalities

Snapchat and Instagram stories play by the same cards, helping people share their moments in real-time through photos and video compilations with friends, family, and followers. As a brand, you can boost your brand awareness, announce limited-time offerings, and start meaningful conversations. Where they do differ, however, is their functionality.

How does Snapchat Ad functions?

Snapchat uses the following features while dealing with the advertisements

  • CTA buttons and swipe-ups
  • AR shoppable lenses
  • Retargeting capabilities
  • Sponsored lenses and geo-filters
  • Operates on Snapchat’s Ad Manager

How does Instagram story ad function?

Obviously, both apps share some common features but Instagram has some different ones too.

  • CTA swipe-ups
  • Shoppable feature and videos with tagged products
  • Retargeting capabilities
  • Polls and more editing functionality
  • Carousel ads
  • Operates through Facebook

When you talk about filters and interactive lenses, Snapchat has a clear one up. It won that category a long time ago and did it way too well. But if your business offers multiple products, carousel ads on Instagram win hearts since your user gets to see the number of products in a row with just a flick of the finger.

Your best friend still not decided?

Well, there are a couple of factors to be considered when deciding what platform to choose. You might want to dig deeper into the demographics to consider your course of action. If your brand’s target audience is young females, then Snapchat works better for you. But if you are dealing with adult audiences, Instagram is what appeals to them more.

While Snapchat users are a specific, hyper-engaged group of people. American high school or college students use the app daily. Whereas, Instagram’s majority users are not Americans so it’s a good place for companies with expectations of going Global with their products.

If you plan on targeting millennials, going for Snapchat and Instagram stories simultaneously will works wonders. It’s also important to consider that nearly half the Snapchat users aren’t using Instagram so it’s a straightforward way to cater to both the niche.

If you are trying to promote special events or a mobile app, Snapchat is your guy but if it’s the retail industry in question then nothing works better than Instagram.

Both apps have their respective benefits, but what suits you better depends entirely on your needs. More than anything, your performance relies on your ad creative and how you resonate with your audience. If you are still unsure which way to bend and you aren’t too sure about your creatives either, let one arrow hit two targets by hiring Digital Consultants from a Digital Marketing Agency who will not only find you the best platform to promote your product but will also provide you with the Graphic Design and Branding Services that will leave a mark on your audience. An expert in his field is always a win-win, he will save you both money and effort and provide the results you demand.