What Are The Secrets To Shopify E-Commerce Success?

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What Are The Secrets To Shopify E-Commerce Success?

What Are The Secrets To Shopify E-Commerce Success?

In less than the time of a decade, the E-Commerce space has developed a lot and created tools for retailers to provide consumers the online shopping facility. Among the popular platforms that enable such capabilities is Shopify. There are countless secrets to successfully retailing on Shopify. However, knowing what you should NOT do helps more than anything else. Shopify E-Commerce success depends a lot on the things that can trip off a retailer. Hence, for that reason, we have gathered what our team of developers at Xcentric calls ‘worst practices’ that retailers often follow when first starting out. Let’s read through them and pave your way to success!

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6 Worst Practices To Avoid For Retailing Successfully On Shopify

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that is growing rapidly, with retailers spread across the globe. Back in 2019, Shopify surpassed a count of 1 million retailers worldwide, and billions of orders have been processed on it so far. Being a successful E-Commerce platform, it can help retail businesses from all the nooks and crannies around the world reach a wider target audience.

1.      Insufficient Research On Costs

Not researching enough can cause the failure of a retail business, especially when it comes to planning the expenses and costs. However, because Shopify offers many plans and pricing levels, the first thing you have to do is familiarize yourself with them. Decide on which plan meets all your needs and then pay for the subscription.

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Do not just empty your pocket into the lowest priced plan because you will have to spend less or the highest priced plans just because it has all the features. Perhaps, your retail business has its own specific needs, right? Besides the direct costs of Shopify Stores, there are some other potential expenses too that you should plan for – including digital marketing costs, design costs, courier service costs, and employees’ salaries.

2.      Sloppy Management Approach

Another reason why many retailers fail at making their Shopify E-Commerce stores successful is the sloppy management of sales, marketing, customer service, and cash flows. If you are making the same mistake, hold down your horses for some time and nail down a strategy first on how to manage it all. Because, in a wrong turn of events, failing to do so can lead to your online retail store shutting down. Also, it can get disheartening when things do not work, so rather than getting stuck in between, plan a strategy firsthand and then retail on Shopify.

Remember: Discipline is THE KEY – no matter if you sell at a brick-and-mortar store or an online web store.

3.      Not Planning Retailing

Not having a clear plan of how you will be displaying, stocking, setting prices, shopping, and backing up orders for retailing is one of the fastest routes to hit a wall. To make sure that your Shopify Development Store covers all the bases, think about the complete purchasing process; with the perspective of fulfilling customers’ needs.

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Ask yourself questions like – how will the customers see a product on the storefront, how will they buy it, how will they pay for it, what happens after the order is placed – and till the time the order is delivered. Once you have the answers to these questions, your retailing process will be sorted.

4.      Selling Wrong Products – Ones That Don’t Fly Off Shelves

Obviously, every retailer wants to sell what is popular at a given time, or else everyone’s favourites that do not go out of style. The way to Shopify E-Commerce success is to find winning products that are already selling in-store and online.

Hence, instead of taking your ‘best guesses’, analyze the data points every day to find the most popular products in trends, the best-selling products of competitors, and then sell those. Though all along, do make sure that you have chosen products that match the interest of your customers and yourself too.

Ever heard the motto of Shopify? “Turn your passion into a business” – which means, selling what you are passionate about. For instance, if you are enthusiastic about rock climbing, sell climbing gear. Or, if you are fully into fashion and styling, sell apparel. This way, you will be able to write better product descriptions and create selling Ad copies.

5.      Failing At Optimizing User Experience

Do you analyze the improvements that can be made across your Shopify E-Commerce store, like the user experience and checkout flow? Well, if the answer is a no, then you will surely lose A LOT of sales – that could have been captured otherwise. Therefore, keep a close eye on the cart abandonment and bounce rates.

Usually, online web stores have an average cart abandonment rate of 65%, which hits the revenues big time. However, a Shopify store with a completely optimized checkout process has a 20% abandonment rate only. Hence, optimize your conversions by leveraging strategies like credibility-based website design, persuasive content, easy checkout, and more.

6.      Remember The 10/90 Rule For Success

10% of a Shopify store’s success depends on inspiration and the rest is pure hard work.  One thing that you need to know is that it is not only Shopify App Development that ends up in failure – so do not take it to the heart.

Many retailers fail their first time, sometimes the second time, and even the third time. Eight out of ten retail businesses do not reach the break-even point during the first two years. However, to make sure that this does not happen to you, be prepared for every task.

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Other than putting hard work, time, and effort into the preparation, another thing you can do is streamline fulfillment service and product listing syndication while selling through multiple channels.

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